Sunday, February 15, 2009


Once upon a time, before the world began,
God decided you would be born.
He decided that I would be your mommy and that daddy would be your daddy.

We had been praying for many years
for a little girl just like you.
We named you Rebecca Krisanne
and knew you were the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world.

We loved you and cared for you, even though you cried a lot.
Only at first and then you started to smile.
Your big blue eyes would twinkle
and your smile would grow fast and big! The love of my life.

We played Barbies and Beanie Baby's day after day.
You loved to swing and swing, your blond hair flying
behind you and then in front of you.
I watched, and watched and loved you with everything.

School started and you loved to learn.
Your questions were thoughtful.
"Mommy, why are some people brown and some people pink?"
"Mommy, why do boys act louder than girls?"
"Mommy, why do we work at home when we are finished with school?"

The questions you pondered were about how the world works,
accepting that learning was part of it.
Two plus two equals four was easy to grasp,
But why's of unfairness turned around and around.

Your heart for people has been clear from the start.
Always a friend to the one who was friendless.
Loyal and kind and loving.
God gave you a heart that loves big and loves fair.

Watching you grow into a lovely young woman
has been the one of the sweetest things in all of my life.
Your beauty is pure, your heart is genuine.
You love Jesus, our God, and talk to Him often.

You make me smile when I feel sad
And sometimes your honesty can make me real mad.
But my heart sings when you laugh
Because you are my child.
One more year and you drive, three more years and you're gone
And before I know it, a woman you will have become.

Every time you turn around, you are one step closer
To being one step further away.

But I pray for you and know that you will do well,
That God is with you.

That the choices that you make will be made
with a heart that seeks after Him.

And you are still beautiful and sweet.
And loyal and true.
And I watch and watch.
And love you with everything.

I hope that you had a wonderful 15th birthday!



Stacy said...


What a beautiful tribute to your daughter! She is gorgeous. Your obvious love for and pride in her made my heart smile.

:) Stacy

Tammy said...

Your daughter is a beautiful young lady,they such grow up fast.

grey like snuffie said...

How beautiful!

Thien said...

She is getting prettier everyday (not that she was ugly when she was a baby).
I think Adam should be jealous.
He got no tribute on his birthday... (poor poor Adam <--- but he knows you love him too much though).

Liz said...

LOL! Thien, you make me laugh so! Adam got an entire tribute when we came to visit...just remind him of that if he starts to feel jealous!
Love you both!