Monday, February 23, 2009

Yes, I go to the Village Church

I love it!

My friend Teri @ A View From The Mountaintop, posted a quick video on her blog today. The clip is taken from part of a message that Matt Chandler gave at the Desiring God pastors conference just a couple of weeks ago.

She sweetly linked my blog to hers because she knows that I attend Matt's church, The Village. She and I both share a love of his style and the down to earth way that he speaks the truth!

Today, I have had a few people ask, "Do you go to Matt Chandler's church?"

The answer is Yes.

And he is just as good every weekend as he was at the Desiring God conference.

I am so going to email him (or tell him face to face) all the hooplah that I am getting on MY blog about him! He will get a kick out of it.

Actually, he is very humble. But I will tell him anyway.

So, for those of you who wonder what in the world I am talking about, go check it out on Teri's link.

Or go check Matt out on the church web site.... The Village Church

The messages are podcast weekly.

Some of you know, as friends, or long time readers, that I have been dealing with some wounds that came of being part of a church that was not functioning properly. Some things happened that caused me to almost give up on the "organized" church all together. God is so, so good. He moved me to Texas and gently moved my husband and our family into life at the Village Church. Matt calls me a "Recovering Skeptic". Between his fabulous teaching, the godly home group that I am a member of, the redeeming recovery ministry that is part of my church...and OF COURSE, God's word and Holy Spirit, my passion for the church has returned ten fold!

What a blessing to be a part of this fellowship. And how fun that I have made a sweet connection with a friend, across the country, who loves my pastor almost as much as I do! are so cool!

I lift up Matt, and all the other pastors who are doing your work. Protect them and use them.



Colored With Memories said...

hi there...found you through ally's page...

matt is great isn't he? i haven't listened to his desiring god messages, but plan to!

Laura said...

I'm going to have to go on over to Teri's and check your guy out! After all that bragging I'm excited.

Love ya, Liz!

p.s. Your church is blessed to have you!

Laura said...

Why is my picture gone? Go visit Darlene at One thing Worth Walking toward. I'm going to have to go back there and reread her post. It's about blogger removing some followers? I didn't understand it all, but I'll check it out and see why they removed me from your list! From what I understand, I'm still a follower, only anonymously now, and I'm not sure how to change that.

I'll follow you anywhere!

Letters From Midlife said...

I know from experience that there is no perfect church because there are no perfect people but some are worse than others so it's always a blessing to find a church where the good outweighs the bad and the teaching is based on the truth of God's word.

valerie said...

Hi Liz.
I'm so glad you stopped by my blog.
Teri is a real sweetheart, huh?
Your pastor and your church sound amazing. It's great that you've found a place of worship where the Holy Spirit is present and the Word is being taught.
There are so many who have been the church...and that's so sad to me.
Trust Him. He really is the only One who is totally trustworthy. His grace is sufficient! I love that about my God!!
I enjoyed reading your blog too. That was a very sweet post about your daughter on her birthday.
Thanks again and I'll talk to you again soon.
God bless,

Blendah Tom said...

Great Post..

I have been listening to Matt for the better part of 3 years now after finding him through Itunes..

It's funny because something told me to listen to it.. there were no pics of him etc.. but he was doing a series on Ecclesaties and it was so much different than the type of message I was hearing from my church then which was a Saddleback/Willow Creek Hybrid..

Anyways.. God is truly blessed Matt and all of the peeps at the Village .. we love contributing to the new facilty even though we live in NH and are in awe of the work that God is doing through your church..

The most impressive thing about Matt is his transparency and his is own introspection on Pride and Idolatry .. I think it is so cool that there is no or his pics aren't all over the website etc.. I think he truly understands the power of fame and his talents.. It is great that he goes to these efforts to keep humble.