Sunday, September 13, 2009

Project 365 Week 17

Some weeks, things are just good.
This was one of those weeks.
It went by too fast,
glad I capture some of it in pictures.
here we go......

Sunday, September 6
Rebecca's boyfriend got a new car this week.
I took a picture of it...with them as they were getting ready to leave and go somewhere.
(can't remember now, but this little red beauty is part of my regular life, might as well take a photo!)
Monday, September 7
Labor Day
We had a great day, lounging by the pool, grilling, etc.
When it was all said and done, my daughter and I managed to steal away for a bit and catch a chick flick!

Tuesday, September 8
We have all done a little fall house cleaning.
I made a trip to the local donation center with a trunk full of goodies.

Wednesday, September 9
Rebecca and I went to the hair salon and on the way home, I filled up my gas tank.
I used the discount that I get from my grocery store discount card.
I paid 98 cents for gas!!!
Can you believe that?!
to fill up the tank of my Honda CRV...normally a $30.00 purchase!
What a deal!

Thursday, September 10
After working all day, my friend and I hopped a plane to Tulsa.
We are on our way to my mom's to spend the night so that we can drive to Mt.Vernon, MO
the next day for the annual Heart to Heart retreat!

Friday, September 11
Before leaving to drive to Missouri, my mother and I take my friend, Laurie, around Tulsa for a quick tour. One of the highlights is looking at the Art Deco in the downtown Tulsa area.
(see top building)
The other photo...part of the Tulsa skyline that reminds me of where I came from. I look at this and I see "home".
Feels good.

Also Friday
We arrived safely to 2009 Heart to Heart retreat! This photo was taken at check-in!

Saturday, September 12
A group of us took a walk down to the creek at the campground.
The day was beautiful and perfect!
We put our feet in the icy cold, spring fed creek.

Later, Saturday night, we got all fixed up for a lovely dinner!

Sunday, September 13
Might be my favorite tradition at this retreat.
On Sunday mornings, as part of our meditation, my worship, we are given the opportunity to release something to God.
We worship and pray amongst all these balloons, and after we spend some time in prayer, we write something that we are ready to let God have a hold of
(a person, a character defect, or a situation)
on a balloon,
and we release the balloons into the air, sending them up to God...with whatever we just gave He can do whatever He needs to do with that "thing" and make it right!

Sunday, September 13
The retreat was perfect....sent at the perfect time, by a perfect God, to do in me exactly what He needed me to do!
Love it!

Hope your week is wonderful!

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