Monday, September 21, 2009

Thoughts on Love and Gratitude

Love doesn’t make the world go around. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.
~Franklin Jones

Read this quote on a fellow blogger's site today. Something to ponder.

Love is motivating me and giving me much direction today...consciously. I guess the world would go around without love since hate creates movement also. But, yes, love does make the ride worthwhile. Love is all around me and it does make going to sleep tonight worthwhile and waking tomorrow (God willing) worthwhile.

  • I am grateful for love, the love I receive and the love I am able to give. God is love.
  • I am grateful for my wonderful matter where they live.
  • I am grateful for a free lunch at work today - one of the benefits of working for a doctor's office! Got to love those drug reps! Taco Salad was tasty, thank you!
  • I am grateful that I enjoy my job...even my new job, and look forward to going back tomorrow.
  • I am grateful for Flexible Benefits Accounts. I will make a deposit tomorrow that will replace monies spent out of pocket. I hope to move the dollars to our savings account.
  • I am grateful for being able to matter if we spend it on a trip to the Grand Canyon, or Vietnam, I am grateful for the fact that I can save!
  • I am grateful for the ability to block email addresses. The fact that anyone can invade my home, and my serenity at the click of a "send" button is disturbing. I am grateful for "block" and boundaries.
  • I am grateful knowing that even though things have changed, I know there is still a bond of love in relationships that are broken. I know it in my heart. ( 143, forever. I know you read this)
  • I am grateful for the rain, even though I am tired of it...the thunder that roars as I type this lures me to my bed.
  • I am grateful for the freedom to go to bed when I am tired.
Which is what I am going to do.
Bring on the thunderstorm, God!
A loud lullaby is exactly what I need.



grey like snuffie said...

I love this post!

Laura said...

I think it makes the world go round too :)

love to you!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Beautiful post. My heart jumps every time I see 143 as I know what it means and beloved and I used it all the time. Ahem.

Billy Coffey said...

Great post, Liz. This inspired me today.

Gail W. said...

I loved this, Liz! Especially your perception of the thunder and rain - I'm ALWAYS up for an invitation to go back to bed, to rest while I rest in Him. Have a wonderful weekend!

prashant said...

Beautiful post. My heart jumps every time I see 143 as I know what it means and beloved and I used it all the time.
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kanishk said...

This inspired me today.
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