Sunday, September 6, 2009

Project 365 Week 16

Wow! This week we went from August to September!
Cool air was actually moving through my Texas windows!
And football season is officially under way!
Hooray for another beautiful week to share with you!

Sunday, August 30
On this morning, I stepped outside and cool air hit my skin! What a lovely feeling.
That morning, my husband and I sat outside, had coffee, and read the paper, for the first time in weeks! This summer had few breaks, if any, from the Texas heat.
It was absolutely refreshing to sit outside and then leave my door open for a couple of hours to air out a house very deprived of fresh, outdoor air.

Monday, August 31
Every day, for the past three and a half years, I drive by the Galleria Mall on my commute to and from work. I longingly look that direction, hoping for the chance to go soon. On Monday, when I looked over there and snapped this photo, I did not know that my daughter would ask to go here and shop for her homecoming dress on Monday night.
More on this later.

Wednesday, September 2
Open House at the High School
The annual event where parents go to school and follow our students' class schedule.
I was early for first period and had time to stop and watch for a few minutes.
This was taken before the halls became very crowded with parents, class schedules in hand, looking for class rooms.
I enjoyed Open House and was only tardy to one class - third period. Traveling from the band hall at the far end of downstairs, to World History on the second floor, opposite end of the building, proved to be a challenge. I developed an extra sense of compassion for Rebecca while hustling to my/her class!

Thursday, September 3
A nice thunderstorm moved in tonight. I was on my way to my weekly meeting, when I noticed this cloud. While in the meeting, lightening started to strike outside of the window and by the time I was driving home, it was raining big drops of rain.
I love thunderstorms!

Friday, September 4
What else but Friday night football!!??!!
It was the first home game of the season and the excitement was tremendous!
The Jags won the game (by a huge margin) and the band performed beautifully.
There were oohs and aah's galore, the show was spectacular!
The third picture is the one that I took from my iPhone and tweeted from the game.
Technology is so fun!

Saturday, September 5
Rebecca and I went shopping for a dress for her to wear to her homecoming dance.
She and her boyfriend went on Monday night, but the store she wanted to buy her dress from had closed their location at the mall near us. So...we had to make a trip to the Galleria Mall for the next closest store. (aww, bummer!)
This is the dress she selected, also the one that she had her eye on when she browsed the internet to narrow her choices.
She looks beautiful!
Nordrom's at Galleria hires a pianist to create atmosphere for their shoppers.
Rebecca and I thought it was lovely.

The ice rink at Galleria Mall.
Difficult to photograph from 3 floors up.
I am tempted to go back and try to get a better shot.
Always looking for an excuse to go to the Galleria.....


Have a fantastic week!


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sara said...

great week!

I miss going to the Galleria, but I don't miss the traffic!!!

Your daughter's dress is beautiful!