Sunday, December 20, 2009

Project 365 Week 31

What a week!

Monday, December 14
After work today, I made candy for 16 people at work (gifts for doctors, and nurses), prepared a stew for the crock pot (my dad & his wife are coming for dinner tomorrow - to visit and watch Rebecca's band concert), and I worked on "the project" which can now be revealed. Rebecca made her boyfriend a quilt for Christmas. She needed help though, as she has never sewn a stitch of any sort before!

Tuesday, December 15
Christmas party at work, just my department.
This is some of us lining up to get our breakfast!
It was potluck and it was wonderful!

And we exchanged gifts....

Then we assembled goodie-trays for the doctors and nurses we work for.

Tuesday night - dinner with my dad and Glena, then the Holiday concert at the
High School. Here are Rebecca and Josh.

Wednesday, December 16
Rebecca and I have been working fervently on the quilt she is making for Josh.
This is the assembly.

It is all sewn together....

Snipping the edges to "rag" the quilt....

And finally....
on Thursday, December 17
Rebecca and Josh exchanged gifts!
The quilt was beautiful and he liked it very much.

Friday, I caught a horrible cold, probably from staying up too late quilting!
No photo.
But on Saturday, I kept on going.
Lori, (BFF) and I went out and finished the Christmas shopping!
She helped me with another project I decided to do for Christmas (more later)
and then she and her husband and Fred and I went out for dinner!
How nice to relax with our best friends!

Sunday, December 20
Finishing up the preparations!
Adam and Thien arrive on Tuesday.
I took Rebecca up on her offer to help me wrap presents (after all the time I spent helping on her quilt, it was fair game!)

One of Adam's favorites - Sauerbraten.
(German marinated roast)
It marinates for 36 to 72 hours.
I got it ready for Tuesday night's dinner...

Candy making will happen on Monday night!
Here are the ingredients, waiting....

This time of year is so fun.
I love all the preparations, and I especially love all the smiles and memories that will
take place over the next few days while the entire family gathers,
enjoys one another,
exchanges gifts,
but mostly, celebrates the birth of our Savior, Jesus, who gives us all of the wonder and joy of this season!

Hark, the herald angels sing,

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Tracy said...

The quilt is soo cool! Quilting is one thing I haven't tried yet.