Monday, March 15, 2010

Free As A Bird!

Sunday, March 14
Fred and I were able to get away for an entire afternoon and play with "our new toy".
With the worship service over and
no children at home we felt free as birds.
So we headed to Krum, Texas.
This is where we hanger our Piper Cub airplane.
Many people (even in Texas) have not heard of Krum, so I included a photo.

We stopped for a bite of lunch at the local Mexican restaurant and watched the folks at the church across the street leave their services and walk right across the street for lunch.

After our delicious meal, we drove another few miles up the road to the hanger.
Yep, this is it.
And the runway?

There it is...
Yes, it is grass!
It is not necessary to have pavement to take of and land in a small airplane!

Here is my hubby, opening the doors to the hanger, revealing one beautiful yellow wing.
This is the traditional color of this particular aircraft.
If you want to read more about this wonderful little plane,
here is the Wikipedia link.
Piper J-3 Cub

There it is...just waiting for us to take it up!

First, we (well, clearly not we, but he!) has to get it out of the hanger.
The old fashioned way.

And "Pull!" some more.
(me, "Do you need any help, Honey?")

Okay, in position now! It really doesn't take that long!

A couple of photos before hopping in!
(the passenger)

The Pilot

I am checking her out!
I have ridden in several Piper Cubs, but I have never seen one with a prop like this!
Usually they are made of wood.
How shiny, how pretty.

This is her official name.
We are still thinking of a nickname.
We are looking for just the right one!

Now I am inside and this is my view!

We decide to take one of those "facebook photos"...
you know where you hold the camera out with your arm, and hope your faces are in the view
finder! Fred's arms are pretty long and he was successful!

Up in the air....this is what Texas looks like!
(somewhat b.o.r.i.n.g.)

There is our destination!
We are going to visit our friends, Geoff and Debbie.
They have a Piper Cub also...
and more importantly, a grass airstrip for us to land on!

A nice landing!

Thier lovely home.
We all four sit in the sunshine outside of their hanger and have a drink.
We look at one anther's airplanes.
Talk about their engine size,
the tires,
just like guys and their cars, or boats,
only this is airplanes.
We take a little walk to look at the bees.
(Geoff and Debbie are also bee keepers)
And pet the old farm dogs.
After a nice visit, it is time to head back to the airport...
until next time,
and there will certainly be a next time.

While we were gone, a fire has started somewhere.

A little closer, a Texas grass fire.
It is under control so on we go.

There is the airport!
(not what you normally imagine when you hear those words!)
We put her away, cover her up and visit with the two other recreational pilots that have come out for the afternoon.
Then we go back to the hustle and bustle of life.

But we will be planning for the next time we find ourselves free as a bird!


Stacy said...

HOW FUN!! Love the photos. Texas has its own special beauties :o) I went up in a small aircraft one time in college (as a passenger) and we were surprised by a very intense thunderstorm. When we landed, my friend that was the pilot went straight to the restroom to throw-up. Hmmmm...haven't been back up since.

frankie zhao said...
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H-Mama said...

You are quite the adventurous woman! :) You captured some beautiful shots!!

Anonymous said...

name her daisy!!

because the propellers are white and not black... so it reminds me of a daisy!

-the traveling daughter

Anonymous said...

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