Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Bright Spots

If you read my post entitled "I Have Not Perished",
you know that my purse was stolen and I have had a couple of weeks that included a good amount of stress!
there have been some absolutely wonderful things going on too!
I managed to get photos of some of them, which makes me happy!
Luckily, I have no photos of the broken window that was on my car,
no pictures of my new coach purse that was stolen along with all that was in it.
All that I have to look at is a file titled, "Theft February 15, 2010"
These photographs; however, will remind of the the real things that mattered during the last couple of weeks.

Our daughter started her first job this week!
She is hostessing at a local Mexican restaurant.
This is a picture of she and her co-worker (and long time friend).
My husband, my son, his girlfriend, and me dropped by for dinner on her first night at work.
She was the best hostess I have ever had seat me!

After eating a wonderful meal, the four of us went to hear our cousin's band,
3 Penny Acre.
They were in town from Fayetteville, Arkansas performing in Dallas.
We went to hear them play (GREAT SHOW!)
and then had a nice visit with them the next morning over coffee and Fred's famous pancakes!

3 Penny Acre performing

Our son, Aaron, and his lovely girlfriend, Sofi!
It was a joy to have them with us for our evening out!

This is our littlest cousin, Bergen. We had the pleasure of sitting with her and entertaining her while her parents (and Bayard) performed.

It is possible that she is the one who entertained us!

What a face!

In addition to Rebecca's new job, the visit from our family members and a great concert,
Fred and I added a new "member" to our family!
Meet our new airplane!

My hubby has wanted a Piper Cub airplane for almost 20 years...and we have been saving for one for almost 6 years.
The right one finally came along and we finally own her!
What an exciting time for all of us, but especially Fred!
It is one of his lifelong dreams come true!

Last, but not least, the family photo from Rebecca's family 16th Birthday party!
We are at Red, Hot, and Blue
one of the best bar-b-que restaurants around!
We stuffed ourselves with the best smoked ribs and totally enjoyed celebrating.
The pigs on the wall are so fun...
and since it is how we felt (like pigs)
it was only appropriate to document the occasion in this way!

So, things have not been all bad.
And God has given me the ability to smile through it all.

His blessings are amazing,
even during the rough spots!


H-Mama said...

What wonderful memories to reflect on! I'm so sorry to hear about your purse!! Just plain awful. Way to keep a positive attitude, my friend. (((hugs)))

grey like snuffie said...

Loved this guys will have so much fun with your plane. My dad had a plane when I was growing up...WAY COOL way to see the world.

Cindy said...

Sorry about the purse thing but I'm glad you have been able to find Joy in the Journey!
Love the Plane - How much fun is that!!!!
Blessings, Cindy