Sunday, March 14, 2010

Project 365

So, another week and I remembered to take photos!
In fact, I have so many from today, that I will do a separate post for them. :)
But, here is what my week looked like - by photograph.

I try and buy flowers for my house at least twice a month.
This week, I purchased some green roses.
Yep, green.
I forgot what the florist called them, and in the past, I would have thought they were horribly ugly. Something about them struck me this week and I bought them.
Maybe because my kitchen is apple green (as you can see in the background), or maybe because I was not in the mood for contrast...I am not sure, but there they are.
They are still alive today and it has been an entire week!

Rebecca has been saving her money since January to purchase the new Final Fantasy game for Play Station 3.
Too bad she didn't own a PS3.
Now she does, thanks to several babysitting jobs, a new real job and a loan from her loving mother. This is her posture the day that she picked up the game...the release date.

One of the reasons that I have had a difficult time taking a picture a day is because I do the same old thing day in and day out, especially during the week. Since I commute into Dallas from where I live, I spend about an hour and a half in the car every day, plus the 8.5 hours inside of my office. Add working out, cooking dinner, and a little down time and there is not much variety to photograph.
However, this week, I watched spring come into the Dallas area!
Every day was a little different.
The photo below is when I first saw the little bit of green in the trees.
If you love spring like I do, you know what I am talking about.
If you look past the stop lights, the sun on the trees in the left of the picture shows the early buds of leaves on the trees! I was so excited!

Next, I noticed that the Bradford pear trees had popped into full bloom!
Even the grass is looking green here and there!

The following day, the pears were so gorgeous that I had to pull over and take a picture on my way home!
And that is a big deal!
Anything that extends my time in the car better be important!
This was great!

Another sign of spring...the neighborhood kids start to come out.
This is a photo of 3 neighbor boys and their dogs. They all came out with their dogs on leashes, intentionally meeting for a little dog/boy fun.
It was fun for me to watch as well!

One day this week, I beat Rebecca home! I was able to watch my newly turned 16 year old daughter drive up to the house from school.
What a treat!
Spring Break is here!
Rebecca is leaving to go with her boyfriends family to the beach!
I am so jealous!
My hubby and I went to a restaurant in rural Texas for lunch. We were in Krum, TX, on our way to the hanger where we keep our new airplane. He and I had been talking about the cowboy hats and boots that we were seeing in the area where we were and then I spotted this little darling cowgirl!
And these guys are the residents at the back of the hanger where we keep the plane.
I had to go back there and visit "the private area"
The cattle started walking toward me while I was taking care of business! Nosy things!

Here I am getting ready to go up in our airplane. It is mine and Fred's first ride since we bought it! I have an entire series of flying shots! I will post those tomorrow.

For now....good night!
It's late and it's been a long, fun day!

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