Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Fever

I love spring!
March is one of my very favorite months of the year. The grass and trees turn green. Some of my favorite flowers are blooming - the daffodils, especially!
And my husband and I celebrate our wedding anniversary. It's not a coincidence that we got married on the first day of Spring - I picked that date exactly on purpose. This year, we celebrated year number 28. My how time flies. Our celebration was simple and sweet. We enjoyed a late lunch after a good work out at the gym. We lingered, talked. Then we came home to spend time with our son, who had just returned from a mission trip, and his girlfriend. We played scrabble and watched a movie in our family room. I dozed on the couch. Yep, 28 years. Comfortable, like a worn pair of jeans. Loved.
The warm weather has lured me outdoors. Some of my work outs are jogs and bike rides in my neighborhood instead of the indoor gym. Training for the triathlon is motivating me to practice my running on real pavement in lieu of the impact protecting treadmill. And cycling outdoors requires not only a helmet, but that I keep my eyes open when I am pushing myself to the top of my aerobic threshold. Ha ha! It helps to see where I am going. The swimming...well, I am NOT practicing that outdoors. In fact, I am not practicing that at all. I have found that I do not like swimming. Dilemma, yes! But I press on.
The computer is still my friend, but does not woo me the same as when the air is chilly or hot as hornets. So, bear with me during this beautiful time of year. I have thoughts in my head, but the sun is shining! So, I will be back in a few more days...when it starts raining again!

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