Friday, March 19, 2010

My night with Jennifer Knapp

Last night I experienced such a treat!
I saw Jennifer Knapp in concert.
For some of you, that doesn't mean a whole lot, but for me (and many of her fans) it means a whole lot!
Jennifer is one of my favorite singer / songwriters - E.V.E.R.
When I first heard her in 1999, I fell in love with her voice and her folky style. Adding to that, her songwriting talent simply blew me away. Her lyrics: honest and raw, touched me (and many, many others) in places that I could not describe in words. She somehow managed to sing what was in my heart.
And then she disappeared.
For seven years.
I checked every now and then (on the internet, of course) to see if she might be around somewhere, and there was nothing. Silence. And I was sad.
Last fall, little signs that she was resurfacing were found. And then, she announced the news of her new record, Letting Go, which releases May 11.
And she started to tour.
Oh, but to contain my excitement was not possible.
I told everyone I know, whether they knew her or not. I contacted fellow Jennifer Knapp fans - even emailing an old friend although she and I are no longer in touch.
Jennifer played at the House of Blues in Dallas last night.
And I was there - front row - just like I was at the other concerts almost a decade ago.
The venue was small and intimate; and it was just Jennifer and her guitar. My friend and I were so close to Jennifer, that if we spoke, (during the breaks) she could hear us. In fact, at one point, she did hear and asked me a question about what I was speaking of. A short conversation took place about the amount of my daughter's first paycheck - between Jennifer and myself.
How funny!
For more about Jennifer's recent return to music, you can visit her website here.
And while you are checking her out, I am going to keep listening to the Pre-order CD that I got last night!
Oh, and here are some photos that I took last night! Yes, I was THAT close!
Jennifer with April Geesbrecht (a local musician who opened for Jennifer...she was really good!)

Yup! She is looking right at me!

I love you, Jennifer! I am so glad that you are back!

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Laura said...

So what was with the absence for seven years? From the lyrics of her songs, I thought there was some type of woundedness in her soul. Has she moved away from Christian music? I wonder.

She is awesome. I love that song she sings with Mac Powell--Sing Hallelujah.

Liz said...

Jennifer did not explain much about her 7 year absence, other than she did not touch her guitar or write music for 5 of those years. She had to "relearn" her own songs. Her comeback statement (on her website) says she was in Australia for much of that. But, I agree, woundedness...still a part of her music. But she is as good as ever. A different "twist", not as blatantly outspoken about her faith in her new music, but still obvious (in her performance last night) that she loves the Lord.
Struggles like all of us. She is so talented and so gifted! Glad she's back.
I love "Sing Hallelujah" too...maybe because I love Mac Powell too! :)
She is amazingly talented in songwriting and in musicianship! Love her!

Van said...

Liz, I met you over on my moving blog several weeks ago. It is always an encouragemtn to know my words reach out to fellow move hers! I enjoyed reading about the concert you attended last night. I remember my own experiences with artists who moved me! God bless them for their gifts and how they lift us up. They help us to shine!

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