Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Highway 60

Every few weeks
we loaded the car
two hours it took
never seeming too far
but taking too long
The sun was ahead
the mornings we left
my heart would fill up
expectant and eager
love was ahead
Half way was marked easy
by bridge made of glass
the sky became bigger
the closer we got
to Highway 60
Houses were spaced
I knew we were close
in the distance I spotted
my Grandparent's house
inviting body and soul
Tires crunch on the gravel
the car comes to a stop
the garden awaits
directly in front
He meets us as always
all wrinkled and tall
his eyes always sparkled
Inside to the kitchen
where lunch was prepared
fresh bread soft and squishy
bologna and chips
on Highway 60
The garden was bigger
than I'd ever seen
with tomatoes, potatoes,
peas and green beans
the birds sang more loudly
than they did at home
the porch was my playhouse
the couch was my throne
my own little world
feeling safe and warm
along Highway 60
I loved playing there
until it was time
to load back in the car
make the trip homeward bound
in the dark I would ride
my attention was captured
by flashing road signs
Lids fell heavy to sleep
Highway 60 behind
Until next time holding to
the memories I keep

Streetwise Poetry prompt by L.L.Barkat
Every now and then, a poem is born.


Prairie Chick said...

gramma's house. Oh... my favorite place in all the world.

Kathleen said...

You haven't forgotten the important things; sparkling eyes, porches, gardens and grandparents who must have delighted in you.

Mary Ann said...