Sunday, June 20, 2010


Set aside this day to honor Fathers.
The man I married, a great father.
My intention was to surprise him with a new grill,
but instead, he got a card and a kiss
then had to prepare his own meal
do the laundry
and check on me while I slept
my nurse.
I am grateful.

I lay in the quiet of my room and think about DADS.
One man, biologically my father.
He passed from this life many years ago
but I never knew him.
He married my mom when they were teens
they "had" to. A boy was born and died before I came
into their lives.
He didn't know how to do "Daddy"
I think he tried, but I don't know
Memories are not there
Only what I have been told.
I am grateful.

Another man came along
before I was three
He married my mommy and he "married" me
I became his little girl.
He lifted me up so that I could touch the moon.
I hid behind his strong back when I was afraid
(of the gorillas on "I Love Lucy")
He made my breakfast early, waking me way before
I wanted to get up
on cold, winter, school days.
He grabbed me in bear hugs,
planting wet kisses on my forehead
and I was just walking by.
Only twice he spanked me...
once I was three, and then thirteen.
Both times, I took the Lord's name in vain,
the only wrong that brought swats from him.
He quietly encouraged, quietly experienced his own discouragement,
never saying
Not perfect, he or I
But Daddy.
I am grateful.

Happy Father's Day

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Cindy said...

What a very special tribute to a very special man...I wish I could have shared something similar...But my heavenly Father knows my heart:)
Hope you are feeling better my friend.