Wednesday, June 9, 2010

52 Foto Fun - Weddings!

One of my May highlights!
One of my very best friends, the one I met in 6th grade,
we cheered together,
we spent night after night,
we ate too much pizza,
laughed until we nearly wet our pants,
went out with two best friends ('cause we were best friends),
we even got broken up with in the very same letter...
THAT best friend!
Her daughter got married in May!
And I had not seen this best friend since 1987!
Such a long story, but the part that happened in May is that we got to spend some time together!
And what a wonderful time it was!
Me and my dear friend, Pam, together again!

And with the lovely bride...

Okay, this is a tree that was on a table at the wedding.
I thought it was cool.

And me and my mom.
She, of course, knew Pam all those years ago too.
It was great to have her with me.

This is Pam and her boyfriend of 14 years!
Yes! 14 years!
And he was such a great guy.
No wonder they have been together that long.

And naturally, a picture of me and my hubby of 28 years!
Pam was in our wedding so it was fun for Fred to see her too!

What a great night!

I think I must make a trip to Riverside, California to spend time with her again.
Good friends stay good friends.