Monday, June 28, 2010

Foto Fun Birthday Bash

June is fun at our house when we can all get together.
It is a birthday filled month!
My mom.
Our oldest son, Adam.
Our second son, Aaron.
June 11, June 11, and June 12.
Fun stuff!
Here is how we celebrated this year when Adam flew in from Washington D.C., my mom drove down from Tulsa, and Aaron came for the weekend from Denton, where he lives and goes to school.

The beginning of the spread of food...

Grandma and Grandson - the 2 June 11th birthdays...

Aaron - June 12
Checking out the xap xap (Vietnamese salad made with beef jerky and green papaya)
It is SO good!

Not playing hard yet, just chillin'

Now, here is some serious play!

Or not so serious...

Feed the bellies.

Let's dry off a bit and relax

Mother and son
(I miss him much...can't wait for him to move here soon!)

Awww, it must be sweet. Look at that smile.

Not sure what to think about the way my boys relax.

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