Sunday, October 24, 2010

Marriage can be restful

Why am I sitting here at this silly computer instead of going to bed? haha! I had to upload and look at photographs that my husband and I took while we were on our weekend get-away on Talimena Drive in Oklahoma and Arkansas. I won't post them now, but I am sure some of them will show up eventually. We did have a fantastic time, which is good. Actually, it is amazing since we were not having a great week before we left. After 30 years of being together, you learn to just move on some times. This was one of those times. We said what needed to be said, and then got on with the business of being married. No coincidence, I am sure that God had already worked it out that we would have this weekend set aside to spend time together. I guess He, being All-knowing, knew a head of time that this would be a much needed break. Hubby surprised me with a golf game on Friday - something that we have tried to get away and do for a very, very long time. Then we went to a place we used to go years and years ago, in the early days of our relationship, to look at the leaves changing color. We stayed at a lodge in a state park, which was lovely, and we rested.
It was exactly what we needed.
Marriage is sometimes a lot of work and after you work real hard, you just have to rest. I think it's best when you can rest together.

(okay...just one photo!)