Sunday, October 31, 2010

Multitude Monday One Thousand Gifts, 41-50

World Series excitement! I have never lived in the city where the home team went to the World Series! It is fun to be had! No matter what! I am grateful for baseball this week - even the games that the Texas Rangers is still fun!

Chocolate. Milk Chocolate. Dark Chocolate. Caramel chocolate. You get the picture.

Girlfriends who share your birthday month! I am so lucky to have two of my best friends also celebrating their birthday's in November. We start celebrating WEEKS in advance!

My wonderful church - The Village Church. After some struggles in finding the right place to be, and being in a few places where I wish I had never been, I can finally say with joy that I love my church, I RESPECT my pastor, and trust the leadership; therefore agreeing to submit to their authority. What a blessing!

Eyeglasses. I cannot imagine my life without them.

Shoes. Different styles and colors of shoes! What a fun way to change an outfit and express how you feel. I recently purchased 3 different pair and they are all very different! I can't wait to put them on my feet.

Children. They just make me smile.

Spiritual Growth. Looking back and being able to see where God has worked in my life, actually changed me and grew me up in certain areas.

Vegetables. They are fantastic! A person can eat almost as much of these fine foods as one wants and not add "empty" calories to one's body! (this is good when you have been enjoying a lot of chocolate!)

Sweaters. And having weather cool enough to wear them!


drybottomgirl said...

Chocolate of course, any size, shape or form I'm there (even 3:00 in the morning) shoes are never to be taken lightly or passed up if on sale, I can't live without my glasses since my eyes betrayed me, and yes the most important of all the spiritual growth with God. Two years before I entered into AA my bestie and I saw Beth Moore in Minneapolis. Her message of the book of Isaiah and shrink wrapping yourself around God when you were between a rock and a hard place really stuck with me. Little did I know God wanted me to be there because I would recall those words over and over and cling to him this past year. He works for good in all people! Blessed Monday.....

Mary Ann said...

love it