Monday, October 4, 2010

Multitude Monday One Thousand Gifts 1-10

Many years ago, possibly 10 years ago or so, I was challenged by reading an article in an Oprah Winfrey magazine. The article was about a particular type of journal, one that she called something like, "Worth Remembering".

Keeping a journal has always been something that I enjoyed, starting way back when I was a young child and was given my first diary. It was one of those small, colorful journals with a flap that included a little lock and small key. As a child, I went through quite a few diaries but did not continue into adulthood. After many years of thoughts and memories escaping unrecorded, I began to journal again around 1990. I have not stopped since. The journals began as prayer journals, and although I keep writing in those daily, I do not hang on to them as records since they are my personal struggles; the conversations I prefer to keep between myself and God.

But Oprah’s journal idea grabbed me and I decided to practice it as well. I am not sure how much of Oprah’s journal suggestions I actually took, but in my own “Worth Remembering” journal, I decided to only write of things I wanted to remember…good things. Even if a negative circumstance begged to be recorded, the outcome of my journal entry had to have a positive note. Over the years, I have made regular entries of people, events, and even very small things that I am grateful for.

Since I began keeping an on-line journal – also known as a blog, I have had the pleasure to read blogs written by others. One of the one’s that I frequently visit regularly is this one: a holy experience and on this blog there is a regular “feature” or meme named Multitude Monday. After many months of enjoying the gifts of other bloggers, I am joining the Gratitude Community and will begin posting my list of 1000 gifts.

I look forward to noticing and sharing all of the wonderful ways that God whispers “I love you” in my life.

The beginning of my gifts, not surprising, but the absolutes that I must start with and will be repeated over and over, no doubt....

  1. My wonderful husband, who loves me even when I don’t deserve it.

  2. Three absolutely beautiful children.

  3. A mother who I adore.

  4. A father who is always has a positive word to say, in every situation.

  5. A sister who does her very best to be the very best sister she can.

  6. A niece, a sweet, lovable, niece, who gives me the opportunity to love unconditionally – again.

  7. A home, that always welcomes me with it’s safety and comfort.

  8. The beautiful girlfriend of my oldest son, who challenges me to cook as well as she does.

  9. The beautiful girlfriend of my other son, whose gentleness is perfect.

  10. My daughter’s ever increasing good taste in friends (especially of the boy kind) – her pickiness is a blessing.
So much to be grateful for! I am looking forward to my continued counting of gifts!

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sofi said...

This inspires me, and you always do! You are awesome Mrs. Liz :)