Monday, October 25, 2010

Multitude Monday, One Thousand Gifts, 31-40

Spontaneous conversations - the one's that you wait for but don't know when they will happen. But when they do, it is exactly the right time.

Golf. And that I can beat my husband (sometimes) if I really try. (at least a hole or two)

Tornado sirens. They warn for protection and my kids actually obey them, even when we are not home.

Autumn. The changing color of the leaves that can provide such peaceful entertainment.

Fireplaces. A fire, safely contained, also providing peaceful entertainment and even more; comfort, warmth, and just plain ole feeling cozy.

Chocolate malts. They make any day a good day.

Photographs. What a gift - to be able to record memories by snapping a picture and looking at it later!

Mobile phones. I am so grateful that these have been invented because my kids can reach me when tornado sirens sound, even if I am miles and miles away.

Music. If you love music like I do, an explanation is not necessary.

Comfort food. The way soup makes me feel warm on a cool evening, mashed potatoes and gravy make me feel loved, and pork chops and apples feel like a celebration.

God whispers He loves me in all these things.

Feeling very loved~


pam said...

Oh I love the spontaneous conversations one!!!! Hope your week abiding with our Lord is sweet!

drybottomgirl said...

Saw your comment on Syd's blog. Came over to say Hi since my real name is Liz, I'm blond, and a mother of three, married to a great man too! Love the gratitude in your list and agree that all those great things in our lives are gifts and hugs from God.....

H-Mama said...

Love your list! And you've officially made me hungry for mashed potatoes at breakfast time. ;)

And, yes, thank God for pictures!