Monday, October 18, 2010

Multitude Monday, One Thousand Gifts, 21-30

21. Time with my precious 5 year old niece!

22. My children's grandparents (my great dad) - who will travel miles to see a football game and a band competition.

23. Marching Band performances that are so outstanding that they make me cry - even the one's that my daughter is not marching in.

24. Dance - the beauty of bodies moving in motion to music and my ability to appreciate watching.

25. Women friends! The group of women who come to my home every other week with the desire to deepen their relationship(s) with God and deepen our relationships with one another.

26. Alanon. This 12 step program has changed almost every way that I live my life (second to my relationship with God)

27. The pictures that hang on my refridgerator, colored with markers with remarkable beauty by my sweet, talented niece.

28. A sister, who I love enough to be honest with and know that love will get us through anything.

29. Tears. What a wonderful way of expressing and releasing emotion that has nowhere to go otherwise.

30. Prayer. And a God who hears and answers!

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pam said...

Celebrating with you!