Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Only In Texas

There are a few things that I think I would not have ever experienced had I not ever moved to the big, beautiful state of Texas.

One of the reasons that I loved my house and wanted to buy it was because of the huge screened in back porch and the fabulous landscaping. What I have found out is that Texas has a lot of bugs and the porch is wonderful because it keeps me un-bugged by these creatures when I spend time outdoors. Also, we have these little beings called chameleons that live here and they love my back yard. Luckily, I love them too because I find them all over the place. Just a couple of nights ago I picked one up and saved him from drowning in my shower. He was just a baby and would have gone down the drain with one shower, but have pity, I scooped him up and took him outside. A couple of nights before that, Fred said to me, "You might want to check the bed before you get in the covers tonight." My obvious reply was, "Why?" He went on to tell me about the chameleon that was on the pillow. He tried to capture him, but he went into the bed covers and he could not find him again. I looked carefully, but never found him either. So, I went to bed and most likely slept with a chameleon.

Only in Texas.

There is a phrase that goes around the state, about the state, and it is "Everything is bigger in Texas." I laugh when I hear it because it does hold true in many cases. But for those of you who have never lived in Texas during High School Homecoming, you have not seen BIG until you have seen what is called the Homecoming Mum or the Homecoming Garter. These lovely things originated as corsages. They are quite a Texas tradition now and I have been working on mums and garters for more than a week. Traditionally, if you attend the Homecoming football game with someone, the girl receives a mum and the young man receives a garter. Long story made into one sentence, I wound up making both the garter and the mum this year and Friday is the BIG day! Homecoming Game is upon us, after the BIG parade tomorrow. These proud High School students will be allowed to wear their mums and garters all day during the school day on Friday. This is not a quiet, wear a flower on your attire, ordeal. There are bells and whistles - literally - all over these things. They have to wear heavy jackets in order to hold them onto their clothing. The bigger the better, but there are traditions that one must adhere to. A freshman gets one mum, a sophomore, two, and on it goes. By the time the senior mum is worn, it is only silver and white (no matter your school colors which you wear the three years prior) and you can have up to four mums! If you are lucky enough to have four mums, then you will have a ribbon around your neck to hold it up.

Have mercy, dear family and friends! Let me share with you a photograph of these amazing things! As I type, I peel hot glue off of my fingers and brush glitter off of my clothes.

Garter on the left, Mum on the right

The Corsage portion

And Rebecca, holding her mum in her Homecoming dress.



grey like snuffie said...

WOW, I have NEVER seen ANYTHING like that. I was expecting a real "mum" (the flower). GLORY--I can't quite figure it all out, what is hanging down. That looks like weight lifting to wear those things.

Lorinda said...

"Oh my gosh. I thought she had won something in Band Competition! First Place Ribbons for Anything have Nothing on Homecoming Garters and Mums! Great Job.

Just what is it you do with all your spare time?"