Monday, September 29, 2008

Loving My Life!

I just wanted to say that the weekend was lovely. The weather was beautiful, the drive was easy with my daughter's super attitude, music that was jammin', the best mom ever, fantastic food, and we might have been the best looking group of women to ever have our picture taken at J C Penney! Have mercy...we did look great! I can't wait to show you how good the pictures turned out, even with my sister stressing out a little and my lovely niece not wanting to wear her white shirt. We made it through the muddy waters and came out sparkling pretty! I am all rested up and started on the work week. Fred and I started looking at new cars today. Pretty soon we will pass my little Nissan along to Rebecca. Even with gas prices, I am still looking seriously at the Nissan Mirano. Found one today that we almost bought! Ha! Talk about spontaneous. But, we decided to slow down. There is another one that I have my eye on too, so I guess we should not behave irrationally. What happened is, I found a car auction. My husband loves car auctions. If I keep sending him cars at the auction, one will likely be mine in just a matter of time. (tomorrow we might go test drive the one I found)

And one of the best things that happened today? My friend purchased Coldplay tickets so that we can go see them in concert....on MY BIRTHDAY! Thanks, Tricia! You are a great friend!

I love life! God is so good to me!
Much love!

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