Saturday, September 20, 2008


So, I sit here and wait...the joys of motherhood. In about an hour I will go pick up Rebecca, her best friend, and her boyfriend from the Flower Mound Homecoming Dance.

Ninth grade Homecoming is coming to a close. There was a parade on Thursday, the game last night (YES, Flower Mound won!) and the dance tonight. It has been as celebratory as Christmas around here. I am dreaming navy and silver. But what fun it has been. I have loved watching my daughter in her first year of High School. It is great that she is enjoying it, participating, and feeling the school spirit. She marched on the Football field last night, she is dancing at the dance tonight. She is dressed up, hanging out with her friends, and enjoying the start of her freshman year. Here are a few pictures just to let you know what we have been experiencing!

It is great stuff for a parent. I am having such a good time, loving every minute of the last child of ours to go through this. I am grateful to have the opportunity, I am thrilled that our relationship is good, and this is just such a fun thing!

The Presentation of the Homecoming Garter before the Game

The best Drill Team show I ever saw

Our daughter is in there somewhere!

Dad trying to capture it all on video

"F" and "M" stand for Flower Mound!
Go Jaguars!

Let's Go to the Dance!

Beautiful Girls!
Rebecca and Robert, looking Good!

Lucky Guy??? Or not!

Off to have a great time!

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grey like snuffie said...

I'm still at a loss as to what to say about your "little" football world down yonder. Your daughter is beautiful.