Monday, November 10, 2008

Lifelong Friends

The Beauty of Virginia
Lifelong Friends

Many years ago, when our oldest son was in High School, getting ready to venture off to Virginia Tech for college, I began praying for his friends. I don't know why I didn't pray this prayer earlier in his life, but as he prepared to go off to school, away from home, I prayed that he would make life long friends while he was there.

You see, our Adam has always been a little on the quiet side. He even describes himself as shy.
So, I always worried a little bit about him being lonely.

Then when we left Virginia and moved to Texas, leaving him there, it seemed even more important that he have people around who he would feel comfortable to call on in times of need, in times when he just wanted to hang out, and in times of just simply needing a friend.

When the shootings occurred in April 2006, one friend, - one who he had met at work during a summer job turned longer - went to pick him up in Blacksburg and bring him back "home" to rest and retreat. That is a friend.

And of course, when he met his girlfriend, he had an immediate "best" friend, and I was glad of that. They get along well and she seems to enjoy him...and his funny guy friends.

Recently, Adam was making a trip from Washington DC, where he now lives and works, to the Richmond area to visit his good friend. This buddy and his wife had bought a new house and Adam was looking forward to spending time with them.

Wouldn't you know it, his car broke down.

Now, Adam is not real good with cars. He is a whiz with computers (his degree being in Computer Engineering), but he has not had need or opportunity to learn the workings of an automobile engine.

So, opportunity presented itself this month and Adam has completely rebuilt the engine of his 1994 Mustang. With the help of friends.

And talk about friends. They have hung in there. They have helped. And amazing, even his roommate from his freshman year, the one who I was skeptical about if they would even survive living together in that freshman dorm, has come from far away with an engine to replace the one that cracked!


We are so blessed to have them in our lives. I give God all kinds of glory and credit for answering my little prayer for my son years ago...that he would experience the joy of true friendship.

All the buddies working on the car.


grey like snuffie said...

That is so cool. We mom's do worry about our quiet ones and God has a plan all along. It just seems harder to trust Him. Wonderful post.

Mary Ann Duncan said...

boys and their toys

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Good friends are really hard to find.

Love the fall trees in the pics.

Love the blog update (your background).

HIS Daughter said...

Liz, Liz, Liz!!

I'm feeling all down and then I look at your blog and it's knows my world! hubby graduated from VT in 1981 and he was on the basketball team. Blacksburg is like only 2 hours from us and it's like a second home!

My nephew was at VT the day in April, but thank GOD he was safe.
(HE also has a 1994 Mustang)

Then your son is living in D.C. or NOVA? He's driving to Richmond which is where my daughter lived for 6 years going to school there (VCU/MCV).

We are going to Richmond this weekend for Mark to run in a marathon.

I know we said this before..but we do live in a small world!

He didn't break down on I95 did he?
Oh yes, I almost forgot - do you guys live in Denton and go to the Village Church where Matt Chandler is one of the pastors?

I love to hear him speak!

You made me feel better tonight..and you didn't even know you were doing it.

I'm thankful for GOD, Our Father who just makes a way for us who feel yukky being sort of shut in to connect!

Blessings and love,

Liz said...

Teri! Your comment made my day too!!!!!!
I answered you via email because I was so excited, I wanted to make sure you read it.
My son was on 95! on his way to Nova, that is where the car still sits as there are a few more repairs to be made before it runs. (I am praying that it runs!)
And yes, Matt Chandler is my pastor! I love The Village and I love Matt. He has walked with me through some difficult attitudes regarding the church (see Tuesday's post) He is a man of God who speaks the truth!
Looking forward to more time with you my Friend!
Smiles and hugs your way! God IS GOOD, isn't He??
Love, Liz