Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Feel the LOVE!

Random thoughts on my mind and I cannot seem to bring any of them together.

So much happening, but I feel like life is moving in slow motion. It is good.

My family feels connected. We are grieving, but it is well.

My family is about to scatter for a few days as my husband and I travel to Virginia. We will be meeting our son's girlfriends parents. We have waited a long time for this. And we will get to see his apartment, his new life since graduating from Virginia Tech. Of course, we will see him...and his lovely girlfriend.

While we are gone, our daughter will be staying with her best friend who is also her boyfriend. I know...that sounds crazy, but she is really staying with his little sister. I have spoken at length with Robert's mom, with Robert, and Rebecca. It is all worked out, a trustworthy plan is in place. Plus, Rebecca flashes her purity ring in my face whenever I look at her with even the slightest hint of question.

Next week, I will attend the Coldplay concert with my good friend. I love the band Coldplay, I love my friend, and to top it all off it will be my birthday too!

Another good friend is getting married this weekend. It is a marriage a long time coming and I am so excited for she and her soon to be husband. I talked with both of them tonight and they are so excited! I can't wait to celebrate with them very soon.

I got a phone call from my special friend, Ashley. We laugh because we are certain we are soul mates, but we have only known each other a little more than a year. Her life has gotten very busy as her husband was injured this summer and she has gone to Seminary. Never mind that she has three busy children. Our daughters are good friends, and we get information from our girls. I love her though because every time we do speak (which is NEVER often enough) it is like we have known each other all our lives. She always, always remembers everything that is going on with me and never fails to ask. I am praying that God will grow this relationship into something really fun and honoring to Him.

An email came to me this morning by way of my dear friend in San Antonio. She's up to something and it has me snickering and smiling. God has blessed me with her friendship like no other!

So, after posting about the stuff in my life that makes me sad, the flaws and the difficulties that I face...God is good to wipe all that clean for today and remind me of the wonderful, beautiful, blessings that I have.

Oh, He does love me.

I think I will get in my bed and think about what it would be like to give Him a great big hug and tell Him how much I love Him!

Good night Dear Ones.


grey like snuffie said...

This post made me feel a little warm and fuzzy.

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