Sunday, November 30, 2008

Photos - Trip to see Adam and Thien

Adam and Thien

The View from Adam's apartment window and balcony.

The Apartment

They fed us lunch...yes...Cajun Craw fish - fresh, steamed

Chillin' out after that big lunch

The famous Chesapeake Blue Crab - can't get this in Texas!

A fish market, rarity in Texas.

Adam, hanging out in his room.

Thien in the kitchen, preparing a Mango for lunch.

Adam's workplace.

Having fun at the Seafood buffet to die for. It's called Todai

The whole family. We met Thien's sweet parents.

Mai and Thuc

Me and my son!

Adam and Thien

Fred, myself, and Adam

So happy. These bears have a story. They came all the way from Vietnam.

A great time and a great lunch at the Truong's.


Being silly.
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Adam and I trying to see what's going on!

Thien's first flight! As fate would have it, our best friend was in the area with his brother-in-law and we got to take Thien up in the Piper Cub. This is a family tradition!

Okay, she passes the test! See the smile on her face? She loved it!

She is going to fit right in!

Thien taking Ryan for a ride.

Taking Thien back to Blacksburg. The weekend is over......

But Christmas Holiday's are coming,
and so are they!

See you in Texas Adam and Thien!


Paula (SweetPea) said...

Great pics. The one of you and Adam really shows the resemblance between you two...the eyes.

I love me some mangos!

Laura said...

What a special weekend, Liz! Looks like your son is a happy guy. And Cajun Crawfish? yummmmm!

Mary Ann Duncan said...

thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures and for being here for Thanksgiving! Love you, Mom

Lelia Chealey said...

Looks like you had fun. Cute couple! They will have some beautiful grandbabies one day! :)
love ya,

Cindy said...

Fun trip!
Great pictures you shared with us.
So fun to see your kids when they are away.