Sunday, November 9, 2008

Change and the Everlasting

With autumn, we feel the weather change from warm to cool. We see the trees change from green to vibrant colors of red, orange and yellow. Our diet changes from grilled meats and salads to soups and comfort food. Our clothing changes from light colors and fabrics to darker, heavier garments. Sweaters and boots are brushed off and ready to wear. Candles are lit, fireplaces burn, and our hearts prepare for the season of Thanksgiving, and the celebration of Christmas, or Hanukkah, and for other's just plain winter holidays.

Several blogs are posting about change, and I love reading them. In my blog friend, Grey Like Snuffie's post, she found new life and her post reminds me that change happens every day, that as old life dies away, new life is being formed.

I was reminded of this as we buried our beloved Bob this past weekend. His life on earth is over, but, as a family we also spent time with the new life brought into our family. Our niece, Megan, has a new baby, Makena. Oh, she is a joy! Our second cousin is about to give birth to her son, Shane. We can't wait. As I sat in the living room of my now late father-in-law and his wife's home, I watched the young one's, the one's in their twenties, sit on the floor and play with the baby. My brother-in-law, Mike, and I remembered when we were the young ones, on the floor- with the babies, and now we sit on the rocking chairs, watching our own children care for their's.


My heart sees so much more than trees, food,and clothing change this season. I am dizzy with the change that comes with time, death, and birth. People change, relationships change, our environment changes, and our government will change. And wasn't it just the other day that I was the one rocking my baby?

I am so grateful to be aware of these things and to see the change, acknowledging the beauty of it...from the trees, to death and life, to the changes in the loved ones in my life.

But, as I woke in my bed this morning, beside my husband of 27 years, with all that was around me that is familiar, I was thrilled with the things in my life that are consistent and steadfast. I love making coffee, the same old coffee, and sitting with my same old spouse, reading the Sunday paper. The feeling that came along with this morning was that of comfort and everlasting love. I am glad that it has not changed.

And God's love never changes. It is everlasting. What an absolutely wonderful thing to know. He is forever the same, forever steadfast, and His truth is always, always, the truth. It never changes.

I have loved you with an everlasting love;
therefore I have continued my faithfulness to you.
Jeremiah 31:3


grey like snuffie said...

Precious family pics. I love how God is working this "change" theme around. Thanks for the link, that was sweet of you.

Tammy said...

Life is ever changing but our God is always the same...faithful.

What a nice post and your family pictures are beautiful.

I always tell my husband,I'm comfortable right where I am,no need to worry...not going anywhere!

Cindy said...

Change is inevitable, yet you are right, it is nice to have some things stay the same.

Your family is precious!