Sunday, March 8, 2009

I think I am sick!

I have a fever!

Spring fever.

My husband mowed our lawn this week and that was all it took. The low growl of the mower, the dusty, gassy vapors as the machine leveled the grass and weeds to one, uniform length. The fragrance of the dirt, the fresh cut grass and the knowledge that the deep green of St. Augustine is just around the corner.

Yesterday morning, I walked onto my porch with coffee in hand, giving thought to the entire Saturday that still lay before me. Then my eyes rolled to the most beautiful sight I have seen all winter!

THIS! Bradford Pear in full bloom.
My heart sings.
I take in deep breaths, allowing the fragrance of spring to infiltrate my entire being. I walked around my yard and saw the sign that I needed!
The Peony plants have started to peek out of the dirty, unattended soil.

I knew immediately what I must do.

Go to the nursery!
Not the baby nursery...the plant and landscape nursery!
I had already made tentative plans with my friend, Kim. I called her within an hour, wrapping up the time and meeting location for this wonderful day!

Kim and I took our time. We studied plants. We evaluated our yards, the soil, the sun's coming and going. We thought of color schemes that made our eyes happy. We celebrated whenever we found something that claimed, "No deadheading necessary"! Oh such simple pleasures!

I came home with color that thrills my senses.
Blues, yellows, pinks, and peach.

My adrenaline still flowing - out comes the gloves; after all, I did promise my nail guy, Lee, that I would wear them. (I shared with him already my plans for the weekend.)

Potting soil, dumped.
Oh, that sweet, earthy aroma. Warm. Life giving.

My thoughts turn to the welcome I want to give. My personality, not showy, but pleasing to the eye. My favorite color, blue...difficult for flowers to hang onto in my limited gardening talents.

I try this.

Next, the back porch. It is screened-in but south facing. We spend hours out here, drinking coffee, eating meals, watching swimmers in the pool, card games, girl's nights, birthday parties...this porch gets more use than any room in the house.

I love color. The Mexican pottery that I have begun to collect since my move to Texas still excites me. It is so fun, so playful, and so festive.
I want to keep the mood of an escape, a get away, and feel that every time I step out on my porch.

Pool deck.
What a challenge.
It is SO hot in Texas. Add all the decking material around the pool...plants must be heat hardy. Deadheading is not something I take well to in 100 degree heat.
For now, some Snap dragons for fun. They will only last a couple of months, but my grandmother introduced me to them when I was a young girl. I love them, and I love entertaining other young guests with their funny faces popping open and closed.

The pool.

Next weekend, my husband and I will make it go from this...

To this............


That sure makes my fever disappear!
In the meantime,
I think I need to go hang up the patio lights.
I feel a party coming on!


grey like snuffie said...

OH GLORY---you're ahead of us...I cleaned out all the gardens yesterday of most of the dead stalks from last year. I left some of the crunchy leaves to help protect the new growth that is just beginning to show...they warned that we might even have snow this next week. I can't safely plant anything until May... So keep the pictures coming of new life..I NEED IT.

Let me know your schedule for Springfield...its about 2-3 hours away. My March is crazy, but we'll see. :o)

Ally said...

OOh I love those pots.. so far all I have achieved is the herb garden.. and was contemplating cutting the "dead" tree in the front down, but it has miraculously sprouted blooms so has earned itself a reprieve! Bring on the party, and the pool - ahh spring in Texas, and then it will be too hot to do anything but swim!!

BTW - would love to meet your daughter - I am sure you have her well trained and that she is altogether lovely in every way!

Hugs :) Ally

Mary Ann Duncan said...

I have spring fever too. I just stuck the jonquil and some other flower artificial plants in the pot by my front door. The rabbits and squirrels can't dig those up!!!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Oh wow. Can I come live with you? Okay, stay the night and swim in your pool. I've always thought it would be so nice to have a pool, particularly an inground one.

I love the bright blue in the first pic and then the blue/white daisy looking flower.

I'm feeling a little bah-hum-bug for spring...everyone has the happy spring fever and I have the dreaded spring yuckness...the though of draining and cleaning my ponds yet again this year alone, the thought of de-leaf, de-cluttering my flower beds of the dead. Oh my. I guess I found cozyness in the comfort of winter and everything being covered in snow...not having to go outside but hibernating and living in "denial" for the winter. I can't believe this is my third summer (second full summer) doing this alone. My first trip outside, I thought Okay, I really am ready Lord, please sell my house. During the winter, I was becoming settled and comfortable with my house not selling.

Okay, you didn't ask for a book, huh?

Letters From Midlife said...

Can I come to your house for a dose of "medicine" for my spring fever? lol! I loved this.

Sue said...

I'm glad I scrolled down some more! I love your flowers! I bet you enjoy that pool!