Sunday, June 7, 2009

Project 356 Week 3

Another week has passed and I have to say, I am enjoying this project quite a bit!
Some of the photographs, I fear, might be boring to anyone who views them,
but for me, they record a happening, something noteworthy, or something worth remembering in my life.
So cool.
So here we go...

Sunday, May 31
Every morning when I wake up since I became a parent, I make rounds to look in the beds of my beloved children. My heart fills with love and blessing to look upon the sleeping humans that God gave me and my husband to look after and care for.
They are no longer babies.
The oldest turns 25 this week and doesn't even live here.
(yes, I peek at him in the morning when he is visiting.)
The middle one turns 22 this week.
And the youngest, she is 15.
Sunday morning, when I arose to start my day, I found this in my 22 year old son's room.
He has always been a gifted artist, but a gift that he has worked on only on and off in his life.
Lately, he has had a renewed desire.
My heart soared to see this, his easel and paint, up with fresh ideas.

Monday, June 1
UPS delivered my summer reading!
The Bible Study that I will be doing with my Home Girls,
and the book that I will read and challenge myself with as a book club reading on
High Callings Blog

Tuesday, June 2
This is a picture that brings me much, much rejoicing!
God is working BIG in my church right now.
He just provided us a church in Dallas.
There are around 100 people who are part of the church that will become part of
The Village Church Northway
There are another 150 from the Village Church Highland Village who will go in and launch this new body, merging the two.
I was blessed to serve the two groups dinner on Tuesday night.
This is a picture of many people, obedient to the call of God, ready to serve.
My heart has healed from the wounds of a past church experience...part of a church plant.
I give God much praise for the excitement He gives me as I serve these leaders, humbly, willingly, and with joy!
Wednesday, June 3
This is the day I had the injections in my back and wrist.
When I returned from my appointment, my house keeper was still working.
This is her baby, Isel.
She is a miracle.
The doctors told my friend, housekeeper, that she would not conceive a child.
Her husband prayed that would not be true.
She conceived!
And look at this beautiful child of God!

Thursday, June 4
Tomorrow is the last day of school.
Beautiful 15 year old daughter is making brownies to take to school...
at 9:30 p.m.!
Then she forgot to take them to school...she was too sleepy to wake up on time, started the morning in a rush, and forgot the brownies!
Oh well.
She and her friends are eating them our house.

Friday, June 5
Okay, it is becoming obvious that I am a mother.
This is the Doctor's office where my 15 year old has spent a lot of time the last 6 months.
It is a dermatologist office, and it is decorated like a warehouse apartment.
It is our last visit here and I wanted to remember how cool it looks.
Rebecca has been on Acutane for her acne.
And it is GONE!

Saturday, June 6
When I was a child, my grandparents had a bird bath outside of their window.
My family had one too, but I don't remember it as vividly as the one at my grandparent's home.
My granddaddy loved birds.
He could imitate certain calls.
I was so impressed.
I can still see his face as he whistled to the birds, his blue eyes concentrating, sparkling, and pleased with his performance.
I have a small bird bath in my back yard and because my husband and I enjoy it so much, we are looking for a larger one.
Yesterday, I walked outside and found birds bathing!
Then I walked around my garden and found another little guy.
I love these geckos!

Another week.
Thank you, God!


sara said...

great week in pictures!!!

I love that you still peek in on your kids! too!

So exciting about the church!!

Dena said...

Congratulations on the great news regarding your church! How exciting!

I love the birds, but you can keep the geckos...ha!

Mary Ann Duncan said...


Lisa said...

Yay for good things happening at church. Ours is struggling right now and its hard to stay faithful and WAIT, so its encouraging to hear that God restores.

You captured a great variety!

Tiffany Khoo said...

Hello! :) I'm working on project 356 as well. But, I'm only doing it for 31 days though.

So, it's really just Project 31. :)

Yours are interesting. :D