Sunday, June 14, 2009

Project 365 Week 4

Week 4 of Project 365
My week in pictures

Sunday, June 7
My handsome husband is doing some serious tree limb trimming.
I was summoned to help by bundling the branches.

Monday, June 8
My first day working in my rearranged office. Since taking this office over a year ago, I always wanted to rearrange the desk so that I could look out of the window while I work. My back has been to the view for all the time I have occupied this office, but Friday, a friend and I moved the furniture and arranged it so I wanted.

This is the view out of my office window. When I am sitting at my desk (above), if I look to my left (where I was standing when I took the picture of the desk) this is what I see.
I love it!

Tuesday, June 9
My day today was very exhausting. I am glad that I enjoyed my office arrangement yesterday (Monday) because today I didn't even have time to think about it.
The day didn't stop until I saw this (my comfy and waiting bed)...and I realized I had not taken my daily photo.
Well....seizing every opportunity...

Wednesday, June 10
Two of my kids, Rebecca and Aaron, putting together a new porch swing!
This is a shot I welcome. For a long time, these two did not like being in the same room together. Now look at them!
It was only minutes later that the tornado sirens started sounding and the entire evening changed course. (see poem below)

Thursday, June 11
Today is my mom's birthday and my oldest son, Adam!
We had no electricity, but I went to work anyway.
This is the scene from my driveway as I was backing out of the garage.

Bonus Photos for June 11
It is not Aaron's birthday until tomorrow, but we had the birthday party anyway. Since Grandma was here, we opened gifts on her birthday.
The party plans changed drastically since we still did not have power, but it was still fun!

Happy Birthday, Mom (Grandma!)
(sitting on new swing that Aaron and Rebecca were assembling the night of the tornado)

Friday, June 12
Aaron's real birthday.
Still no power!
We went to Chick-fil-A for lunch.
Can you believe that this is my mom's very first Chick-fil-A sandwich?

Saturday, June 13
(yes, we have power now; it came on late June 12)
I woke early Saturday morning and went out into the backyard to survey the recovery of the garden after the storms. This is a photo of the Ruella flower. (also called Mexican Petunia)
I have a sentimental attachment to this plant because I bought it while shopping with my (former) best friend, Ruth. We also bought one for her mother when she came home from the hospital after open heart surgery. Although that friendship is no longer blooming, this plant blooms on and reminds me of good times with her. (love you always, dear friend)

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My son and husband decided to wash the cars one day this week.
My husband captured a fun moment between brother and sister.
(remember, these are the two who have a brand new attitude in their relationship)

(okay, so you need to click on this last photo to capture Aaron's expression. This is a young man who, just a few months ago, would have been tempted to throw the bottle of wax at his silly, younger sister. But...the look says it all!)


grey like snuffie said...

This a great compliation of the new office view you have...that is a pretty sight...glad you didn't have lots of damage from the storm.

Anonymous said...

wow! that was a lot.
i like the office view, glad the tornado went on past, happy birthday to your mom and son, love the shots of the car waxing and cool poem.

Laura said...

wow! you are a projecty-y family! your no-longer-feuding-two are gorgeous. and happy birthday to aaron! so glad the electricity is back on an the storm has passed.

love you!'

Kim said...

How did you last a year with your back to the window?!? Glad you've got it sorted like you like now :-)

Plans never go the way you think they are...something always comes up, or fails to happen, and POOF go the plans. But often what happens instead is even better. I liked the fun brother & sister shots.

sara said...

great week!!!

now no daydreaming out that window, girl! :)

we had tornadoes go through here to at the end of the week.....hate that!

Love the extra pictures of your kids...isn't it awesome to see them enjoying each other? my older 2 took a road trip together last week and had a ball...LOVE that!

skoots1mom said...

i would have like to have had a brother...
gr8 pics
enjoyed seeing your mom, too!
good job!

L.L. Barkat said...

Oh gosh. I thought your husband was fishing (the tree pruning pic). Now, what would he be fishing for in the back yard?! Silly ole brain. :)

TCKK said...

Love the office view! Such great pictures of the brother and sister!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Wonderful, pictures.
That gadget hubs has is exactly what I needed at my old house. I didn't know such existed. Oh well.

I've never been at odds with my brother but I think that picture of the working on the swing and the car washing ones are just precious. Whatever their differences, I'm glad it warms momma's heart to see the difference. Wonderful displays in the car washing. And I did blow up the last one.

Love the flower...great shot of that.

Oh, and I really hate when I buy something and have to put it together. I've had to do that with a end table w/ lamp, book case, and the worst was the garage shelving...metal and very had to stabilize alone while putting together.

If I get a new office chair at home, I'm paying the $10 to have it assembled. :-)