Sunday, June 21, 2009

Project 365 Week 5

Hang on for a long week!

Sunday, June 14
Fred and I completed our Membership Requirements and signed our Membership Covenant.
We are now official members of The Village Church.
That was a long time coming!

Monday, June 15
Stopped by the fitness center after work!
It has been WAY TOO long. Three weeks. These back issues are really hindering my ability to work out!

Tuesday, June 16
This is a stack of girls underwear.
I have experienced envy whenever I wash and fold my daughters cute undies from
American Eagle. They were having a sale this week, and I bought MYSELF some cute undies!
No more boring solids for me!

Wednesday, June 17
My daughter and I drove to Tulsa today. One of the things she has always wanted to do is stop at the Arbuckle Wilderness Park on the way. We made time to do that and it was hilariously fun. I am not sure that she and I have ever laughed so hard together!
Above - a Llama

A camel, looking to see who was coming for a visit. That is Rebecca's head in the corner of the photo.

A very cute giraffe.

Rebecca is feeding the giraffe. He has his tongue stuck down inside that cup, licking the last few pieces of food from the bottom!
I have TONS of great photos from this trip! I wish I could post them all.

Thursday, June 18
This is 5th Night at Utica Square - a Tulsa tradition.
It is an outdoor concert at a very old, outdoor mall. I grew up attending this event and looked forward to coming back with my kids. The crowd is as big as it ever was.

This is me and my friends, Harry and Ginger.
I met Harry when I met Fred (my husband). They were co-workers at the place where I worked also...the place where I met Fred. This guy was a big contributor to Fred and I being together. We lost track of Harry for over 20 years and recently he found me on Twitter!
He and his wife (who I met on this night) came out to see me, and meet Aaron and Rebecca for the first time.
Utica Square

Friday, June 19
The kids and I went to visit Grandma Anna. Anna is Fred's dad's wife, now widow. She misses Bob very much but has brought two new kittens into her life and they are adding much joy!
This is one of them...maybe Suki. (or is it Sadie?)

We visited the grave site of our beloved Father, Father-in-law, and Grandpa.
It is our first Father's Day without him.

Saturday, June 20
My niece, Kristin, turned 4 today.
This is a shot I took right after the pinata was busted. In the middle of the picture, is my sister, Lynn, Kristin's mom, having a great time!

This is my sweet niece, Kristin, in the dress-up skirt that we bought her.

Sunday, June 21
These would normally be posted at the beginning of next week, but I think I will include them now!
That is a photo of my mom, standing on her porch waving good-bye to us as we get ready to drive back to Dallas.

We made it home in time to celebrate with Fred!
He is a wonderful Father!


Mary Ann Duncan said...

terrific pics!

Stacy said...

Love your life in photos! So cute. Your family is beautiful! My much-missed "Mamaw" would always stand on her porch and wave good-bye until we were out of sight. Precious memory :)

Your testimony brought tears of joy and oh-how-I-can-relate-emotions to my heart. Thank you for sharing those words.

Congrats on the church membership. I so miss having that sort of 'home' but I know God is simply working out the details on a different time-table than my own.

Appreciate you!

Tammy said...

Love the pictures! I have to admit I brought myself some of those undies, too.

My daughter informed me one day that my panties looked like "grandma underwear". She then held up her American Eagles and said "Come on mom, now these are cute!"