Sunday, February 24, 2008

Girls gone wild in Breckenridge, CO!

Stoked...ready to hit the slopes! Felicia, Yvonne, Jessica, and myself on the deck of the condo.

Quick stop to store up on energy...some protein and carbs by way of a big breakfast and a bunch of good, hot coffee! This is the Sunshine Cafe in Dillon, CO! Great food!

Oh! These ski boots are SO heavy! I don't know if I can walk out of here!

We will be here for you!

Yvonne and Liz on the Gondola "V" is for Vonne and "L" is for Liz...NOT loser!

This is Felicia getting a pep talk from Yvonne. She thinks skiing is a white people sport! We called her Diva since all she wanted to do was look cute. We got her up on the mountain, but she walked down! She did not like skiing because there was no motor and no breaks. Plus, she wanted someone to carry her skis for her. (she found someone! Ha!) Diva for sure...she waited for us in the lodge!

Jessica and myself, kicked back enjoying the ride! The view was great and we couldn't wait to start skiing!

Here we are on our first run! Jeff (in the background) was a great and patient teacher. Oh, and check it out...he is carrying Felicia's skis! He encouraged us all to do the blues and we did great. I can't believe that I didn't fall the entire day!

OK, the picture doesn't really show how steep this was, but it took our breath away to look at it and know that we were going down! This is the intermediate run that we made.
We are done for the day! Talk about work...we worked hard. By this time we could barely walk! Great fun, but our legs were about to fall off. We could barely smile to take this photo.

We hit a pub in beautiful Breckenridge to rest and gain a little strength! We danced, played a few mean games of foosball and waited for dinner time!

Beautiful girls in Beautiful Breckenridge!

Reflecting on the wonder of it all. What a great day!

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