Monday, February 4, 2008

No Guilt

I have been a little worried about myself all day. I think I might be a bad person. I watched the Super Bowl game last night with every hope that the Giants would win and as you can imagine was thrilled when the game ended with Giants 17, Patriots 14. I had no ties to either team and no real preference. I even believe that the Patriots are a better team than the Giants. But there was something mean in me that wanted the Giants to win for the simple reason that the Patriots had not lost. I thought about my attitude, a little concerned about how mean it is that I felt that way.

I have a tendency to base my opinions on football teams based on the quarterback. And not just the quarterback's playing ability, but his looks always contribute to whether or not I like the team. Now, Tom Brady is a guy who is nice to look at, but Eli Manning has taken too many hard raps from the media and I have felt a little sorry for him. He is cute for a boy, but I really wanted him to redeem himself from the little boy image. Last night was his night to shine. Is this right behavior??

Well, I am not feeling one bit guilty for wanting a team to lose just so they would not have a perfect season. There is just something not right about a perfect season, and don't really think they are a perfect team. Even though I wonder a little bit about my character, I will let God deal with me on that one! I am glad that the Giants won Super Bowl 42!


Lysa TerKeurst said...

You are so cute, refreshingly honest, and RIGHT!!!

Just wait until Eli finds your blog. Heavens girl, he will love you forever!!!

Thank you for your very kind comments~ you made me smile.

Angela said...

Oh... and by the way.... The Giants didn't cheat!!! I am so GLAD the results came out like they did!!! The patriots are cheaters! Too bad that the coach's and leaders BAD decisions had to impact the rest of the team. Yeah for the Giants!! Fighting fair and working hard does pay off!!