Friday, February 15, 2008

What do you make of this?

OK, Enough of all that serious stuff...on to the real life matters and the real reason for this blog...keeping my loved ones informed of the life of Liz. My sister called this evening and she and my dad both were frustrated with the negativity of the "non" loved ones that read my blog (GO AWAY!) that they are having to weed through in order to get to the real stuff in my life! (I know they love me and I love a blessing! It just hurts them to see such yuck.)

So, a loved one update....

Aaron's girlfriend, Amy's sister FINALLY had her baby last week! His name is Jack Thomas (after his Great Grandpa and his Grandpa) and he weighed in at 6 lbs. 9 oz. of absolute and total perfection.

So, nine months of waiting for these two (not the parents) was spent going back and forth about Aaron's fear of holding this newborn child. Amy would insist that he would hold him, and Aaron would insist that he would not. It became almost a joke within both families. I think there was serious concern on Amy's part that Aaron really had a fear of holding infants and I prayed that it would not interfere with the love that they share.

The day finally came and the crowd gathered at the hospital. Little Jack was passed around for hours and being held by all the family. But not Aaron. He quietly stayed in the background and stood his ground on not holding the little one. Proud as can be, he showed photos to whoever would look at them, sent them to family members who were not at the hospital (that would be me and my husband) from his phone and acted exactly as a perfect uncle to be would behave...with the exception of cradling the young one in his arms.

I wonder if Amy was dismayed. I was not surprised. This is a child who fell asleep crying because I would not help him pull his pants up when he was four and old enough to do it himself, and woke up two hours later with the same infuriated request. Stubborn could be his middle name. And stubborn he became about holding the babe.

However, the second night rolled around. Aaron and Amy spent the entire evening at the hospital with new Mommy, new Daddy, and new Grandparents. All took turns holding little Jack. One more request for Aaron to give it a try....and look......

There is hope! He did it! And nobody got broken! And it was even fun. He has spent lots of hours holding this little guy (he is just barely a week old) and looks forward to future holdings!

Sometimes it just takes a little encouragement to try something we are afraid to do! The rewards are fantastic. There is nothing like the comfort and peace of holding a child that you have waited for, that you have hopes for, and look forward to getting to know as they grow up. Even when it is your girlfriend's nephew, it is love.

Congratulations to Christi and Jason on the birth of their handsome baby boy!

Happy days to Amy and Aaron as they play with this little one and spoil him rotten!