Sunday, February 17, 2008

High Low

Years ago, I saw a movie that gave me a good idea. The family in the movie played a game everyday called "High Low". At the end of everyday, each family member would express to the family what was the high point of their day and what was the low point of their day. After watching the movie, I adopted that game as one of our regular family dinner time ice breakers. My kids would roll their eyes some days (especially my boys) because they really didn't want to participate. But, it was not an option, all must play and play they did. I found out great things about my family during those mealtimes, I learned how to rejoice with them and how to pray for them. We still play it, although not as often. I have played it privately myself, in my quiet time with my Lord and have found it to be a beneficial way of gaining clearer perspective on my life.

Then a few years back, I heard Oprah Winfrey talk about a journal she keeps called "Things Worth Remembering" The only things allowed in the journal were things that were positive and (guess what?) worth remembering. I liked that too, so I started one. That was in 1999 and the journal still sits on my bedside table. Anyone can read it as it is personal but not private. At the end of some very ordinary days and the end of some extraordinary days, I record the things that are worth remembering in my life. I have been able to recall the sound of my son as he walked up the stairs in our old house, the laughter of the kids as they played video games in their rooms, tears that I wiped, hugs that I received, meals that we shared, rainy days, holidays, and many things that would be less vivid in my memory if I had not written them down. I love keeping that journal and I love reading through it. Memories and positive, wonderful emotions come back to me every time that I take the time to read back through the things worth remembering in my life. I realize I am so blessed!

So, today's post is a High Low.

Yesterday, Rebecca had her birthday party. It was a wonderful party. A scavenger hunt had been planned but the weather turned cold and rainy. So, at the last minute we scrambled for Plan B. The girls arrived and made birthday signs. Then they were all blindfolded and had to draw a picture of a house. The girls voted for the winning drawing. Celebrity Sleuth was going on all evening. Each girl had the name of a celebrity on their back and had to figure out who they were by asking yes or no questions. It was so funny! Then they played straw ping pong...blowing a ping-pong ball back and forth on a table with straws. They danced and sang. Then the scavenger hunt took place but in the house. I had taken pictures of various items in the house (macro close up) and the girls had to identify the items. They did this in teams. They played truth or dare, ate a huge chocolate chip cookie and drank hot cocoa. Gifts were opened and fun was had by all. The high for me was hearing the girls laugh, hearing one say to another who had to come late, "Wow, you missed out! We've been having a blast!" and Rebecca telling me that she thinks it was her best party yet! Talk about a high! What started out as Plan B and hoping we could pull it off, ended up being a blast and the best party ever!

The low was thinking about my friend who taught me how to decorate for birthday parties! I was doing it all alone and missed her. She used to help me all the time and things have changed.


MrsJoeB said...

Ahhh..."high-lows". I saw that movie. What a good thought! I should do that. I always text my step daughters and ask if they had a good day or bad day. I think I will change that.
Have a great week! You survived a teenagers birthday!! YEA!!!
In His Graces~Pamela

Tina said...

Ahhh the dreaded High Low LOL. As you know we played that game too and as much as the kids would moan and groan I KNOW they seretly liked the game as evidenced by how quickly they would get their friends to participate when they would happen to be over for dinner. I'm so glad Rebeccas birthday was a Blast! What a beautiful young gal she's growing up to be! Tina