Thursday, February 14, 2008

Girl Time

Just a little fun post...
I am going on a ski trip soon. There is a group of us girls who work together, one coming all the way from Raleigh, North Carolina, who are going on a ski trip! It is going to be a blast. We are all flying into Denver airport and taking a limousine to our condo. Funny...a car service. One of the girls is married a record promoter and best friend of producer and singer, Timbaland. She is used to the "finer things" so she is making sure that we are doing it up right! We are shopping, dining, skiing, and pampering ourselves and each other for nearly 4 entire days.
If I ever was looking forward to a trip, this is one of the ones. I can't wait to spend time relaxing and playing with no enemies to dodge, no work to do, nothing to do but have fun.


Thien said...

I hope that you'll have the best time that you could possibly have because you totally deserve it.
Ps: I and Adam really miss you and your cooking.

Lizerd said...

Thanks, Thien! I hope to have a wonderful time!
I miss you guys too! Love you!