Monday, July 14, 2008

All things to honor Him

Dallas News Channel did a report on Jason last night. It was a beautiful tribute to Jason, his faith in God and the wonderful, fun man that he was. Thank you channel 11 for reporting a story that describes God's glory, living for Christ, and focusing on the good of this horrible happening.

Watch the video here

"Reporting: Carol Cavazos FORT WORTH (CBS 11 News) ―

Friends of a man killed in a fiery crash in Fort Worth Friday talked about the loss of their friend.

Jason Powell was driving his Nissan on Highway 820 near Blue Mound Road when traffic slowed because of construction.

The driver of a cement truck, whom witnesses say did not slow down, ran into Powell's Nissan. An 18-wheeler then crashed into them, creating an explosion seen more than a mile away.

Powell was killed instantly. The drivers of the trucks survived.

Powell attended the First Baptist Church of Coppell. A memorial service will be held there Tuesday.

As his family prepare for his burial, his pastor spoke about his faith and life.

Friends say he also loved flying. He was a pilot for American Eagle and most recently FracTech Airlines, a company that services the oil industry.

He was married five years and had a five-month-old baby boy.

Marc Farnell knew Powell 13 years. Farnell was his youth pastor. Powell's sudden death has shaken them, but not their faith. "Though this circumstance was not good, there's a strong belief and understanding that there will be good that comes out of this circumstance," said Farnell. "Clearly the good for Jason is that he is at home in Heaven today."

Powell would have celebrated his 26th birthday on Sunday. His friends made a tribute to him on and, but it's Powell who may have left them the greatest tribute. On his own page, before he died, he told everyone how much he loved them.

"There are no guarantees in life to live our life on purpose, and that purpose to please God," said Farnell. "

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