Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hello / Good-bye

Some of you have asked about are some out of the 191 photos that were taken during our time on the East Coast.
The trip was perfect - everything I wanted, all we expected. Our hearts were prepared for the work to be done and the fun to be had. Hello to real friends. Hello to memories, old and new. Good-bye to friends and a home for a season.
Thanks to the loved one's who are along for the long haul.
I love you.

The view of the sound Outer Banks, North Carolina
Near the home my friend, Sandra, was so graciously offered me during our stay.

My wonderful, loyal, and much appreciated friend, Tina and myself. We have waited for this beach time for a very long time. It was perfect. I hope it won't be so long before we do it again.
Next year, maybe?

Rebecca and her friend, Katie. They have been friends since they were babies. Now look at them! Not babies anymore...babes! :)

Ladies Night out on the town. More time for talking, relaxing, and just hanging out.
We had an absolutely exquisite meal at the Flying Fish, owned by another friend of mines' brother. It was a perfect night.
(Fred and I had tried this restaurant our last anniversary celebration in Nags Head...highly recommend it)

Will we ever run out of things to say?
Probably not.

Here is Adam, Rebecca, and Katie trying to coax us into the water.

But here is what we chose to do instead.


And nap.

Thien found a new friend.

And then they buried Adam alive.

We enjoyed a wonderful meal out. Fred and I had gone to this restaurant to celebrate our anniversary so we knew it was good.

Adam and me. Wow, I miss this guy!

Rebecca and Katie
(this is the night we did surgery on Rebecca's toe with Jim Beam whiskey! She looks great, huh?)

Lazy mornings, drinking coffee.

Gearing up for another fun day in the sun.

Beautiful couple.

In love.

Rebecca missing her love.

So they all decided to play!

Does she have to get wet?


Some of us played some real competitive Scrabble.


Comfy, full of love.

Adam, cooking healthy food?

Junk food attack!

The perfect way to spend a day...for me.

For them....

and for them.....

And for them....

Good bye beach...until next time.

Me and one of the best friends in the whole wide world!

Another great friend, Bridgette.

And my tall friend, Barbie.

And Lorie! I miss this gal something fierce. She, Tina and I stayed up this night until after
1:00 a.m....just like old times.

The gang.

Mother Daughter time at Busch Gardens

Rebecca fooled the Age Guesser! He thought she was 17!

Roller Coaster Heaven. We rode them all...including the new Griffon twice in the very front row!

My favorite country, Ireland.

Good bye.

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