Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fabulous, Fantastic, Fun, Ferocious Fourth with Family and Friends!

Can I just say that I am so glad to be back to my roots?!

Even though I loved the years that we lived on the East Coast and I found parts of me that I would not have known otherwise, there is something absolutely wonderful about coming back to where I start. Even though Texas is not my home, it is close enough to have quickly found it's place as "home" for me. We live less than five hours from our family and less than a mile from the best friends that Fred and I have ever had.

This past weekend is another celebration of being HOME!

My mother-in-law and her husband drove down to spend the July 4th weekend with us. GW is a musician and a traveling one at that. He came with the setup to entertain us at an old fashioned Independence Day celebration.

The entire family drove out to some friends house in Gainesville, TX for a fun filled day! Rebecca brought along her boyfriend, Robert. Also, our friends, Dan and Lori, all their kids, plus some, joined along. The family that we went to spend time with own a great deal of country property, plus their own "pub" (he has a brewery of his very own) along with many different places to catch some fish! Other friends and family were there and the party began!

We fished, danced, sang, ate, drank, and watched more fireworks than should be legal.
Rebecca caught her first fish (she caught two!) and also experienced shopping at an old fashioned fireworks stand. The kids had hundreds of dollars worth of firecrackers and fireworks. They ran, yelled, had roman candle wars, burns, and all the smoke and fire that they could handle. The memories of my childhood, enjoying similar celebrations flooded my mind and I was grateful that my children would have the same memories for themselves.

We had such a blast that we decided that this would become an annual event. The fishing was fun, the food was fabulous, the fireworks were ferocious and the friends and family were fantastic.

Freedom and fun. Memory making. Time spent together. A good old fashioned celebration with young and old, family and friends, new and established.


Enjoy the photos that have left a lasting impression on my heart and hopefully in the hearts of the others who were there.
How long has it been since you rode in the back of a pick-up truck through a pasture??
Rebecca and Robert

In order to catch a fish, someone has to bait the hook....DAD????!!!

And again.

Part of the Lacore family (Lisa, Lori, Steven, Danny, and Tiffany)

Rebecca, "My dad is NOT eating that worm!"

The first catch of the day!

OK, this is how you pose to show off your catch!

It looks like Lori doesn't like baiting her own hook either!

GW taking a break
Fred and his mom. "Are those fire ants???", she asks!

Texas scenery on the pond.

When you catch them, you have to learn how to clean them! Rebecca was a trooper!

Then you have to fry 'em up! Dan and Tim did great!

Waiting to eat'um!

Just about ready. (left to right) Cheryl, Dorothy, Kim, Jane, Fred, GW, Etta, Lisa

Safety coach...with Steven and Tyler...setting up for the fireworks fun.

More safe fun. Tiffany, Danny, Robert and Kyle in the front.Steven and Rebecca - catching up on things.

Rebecca and Robert

GW - great entertainment

Dancing: Fred & his mom, Dan & Dorothy, Dick & Jane

This is everything I want in life!

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