Wednesday, April 29, 2009

8 Things

8 Things
I found this over at my friend, Pam's blog. Because I have too much to say, but not yet the words to say what is on my mind, I thought this would be fun! Consider yourself invited to play along!
It's really simple to play, just complete the 8 things. Oh and leave me a comment so I can visit your 8 things list.

8 Things I look forward to

1. Any time that I spend with God...the morning prayer time, Bible reading, singing to Him in the car, and going to worship services at my wonderful church! is all something I look forward to!
2. Hanging out with my husband, even after 27 years of marriage.
3. Spending time with any and all of my kids, whether it is sitting on a bed talking, going shopping, or playing a game, I love spending time with my kids!
4. Having grandchildren one day. ;)
5. Time with my friends, whether it is Home Group, Al-anon, just dinner...whatever!
6. Dave Matthews concert this Saturday!
7. King Tut this weekend!
8. Visits from my mom...this weekend she will be here to go to King Tut with me and my kids!

8 Things I did yesterday

1. Prayed.
2. Worked.
3. Received results from my recent MRI
4. Made an appointment with a spine doctor.
5. Helped my daughter start dinner.
6. Went to a friends house for girlfriend time...six of us met for fellowship and plain old fun.
7. Saw my counselor
8. Loved on my dog.

8 Things I wish I could do

1. Make healthy eating choices when faced with really tempting foods.
2. Play the guitar like a professional
3. Take back words that I have said that have hurt people.
4. Love God with my whole heart, mind, and soul. I try...
5. Love other's they way He does
6. Travel more often
7. Retire so that I could volunteer more.
8. Remember the many things that I forgot.......

8 Shows I watch
This one is going to be really difficult...I watch virtually zero television.

1. Tonight my son and I will watch very first time. He insists that I will love it.
2. Law and Order, if I have nothing to do, that is what I will flip to.
3. American daughter and husband suck me into this one.
4. Football games, preferably play offs and college games.
5. Dave Ramsey - sometimes
6. Scrubs, if I am still awake.
7. Saving Grace, if I remember. I love it because it is contraversial.
8. Seinfeld reruns. Crude, I know, but I ALWAYS laugh out loud!


grey like snuffie said...

Oh my, you're going to jump into LOST NOW????? Glory this could be fun to see what you think. All of our addicted friends insisted that we watch from the beginning. (there are lots of web sites where you can do that for free) IT IS A CRAZY SHOW!!!!!

Praying your spine issue isn't BAD!

And isn't the prospect of grandchildren SO EXCITING!!!! Our girls aren't even dating and I'm looking forward to that day.

Thanks for doing is fun to see these kinds of thoughts of people you are getting to know. This blogging world is so bizarre...feeling like you get to know someone you've never met. I guess when pen pals were a big deal way back when it might not have seemed so strange.

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Love your list. Great things for what you wish you could do...very heartfelt.

I could fill the tv list with faithful weekly shows easily...all tend to be in the murder-crime the suspense of trying to figure out "who done it".

I do watch me some Seinfeld on occasion...I love George and Kramer. Never cared a bit for Seinfeld.

Laura said...

I love learning more about you, Liz. Can identify with so many of your items! This is a cute and thought-provoking meme. found myself considering...

And I am jealous of you going to see Dave Matthews! Let me know how the show goes, and enjoy!