Sunday, April 26, 2009

Celebrations! The Grad Party for Fred

I am so proud of this man! And I am happy... no longer do I have to be a "student widow!"

Does he look excited or what?

Ashley and me! She is one of the best friends ever!

My family.... Dad, Glena, Sarah, Austin, and myself!

All of the Russell's - except Adam - who is in Washington DC.
(missed you much, Adam!)

Dad and son, Aaron

Daddy's little girl, Rebecca

Life long BFF, Lori. Been there through thick and thin!

While Ashley and I are trying to get a REAL photo, Fred decides to be silly.

Prayer partners that prayed all the way through the Master's degree!
Ashley and Shirley

Home Girls...couldn't have survived it without them!

More Home Girls!
Love them all!


Gail W. said...

Congratulations to you and your family, Liz! I loved your line on "student widow". Thanks for sharing your joy with the rest of us!

Carol said...

Congratulations to Fred and you!

Hugs friend.