Monday, May 4, 2009

Biology Teachers Know Everything

Well, the H1N1 flu is all the news in the Dallas area. Schools are closed all over, my 15 year old daughter's district being one of them. The day the announcement was made, she was already at home...sick. No, she does not have the swine flu, but on that particular day, we were not sure.
Friday, May 1
6:00 a.m
Rebecca, "Mom, my throat hurts and I have a fever."

Self, "I guess you need to stay home. You might have to see the doctor."

Rebecca, "No. I don't need to see the doctor. I know I do not have swine flu."

Self, "How do you know? You have the symptoms."

Rebecca, "I do not have all the symptoms. Besides, if I did, I can stay home and get over it just fine. I won't need to see the doctor."

Self, "I think we should have you tested. It can be very serious and you could die."

Rebecca, "Mrs. Schimmel says that the ones who are dying are in Mexico. And the reason they are dying is because their water is contaminated. People in America are fine. They can stay home and recover just fine. Mrs. Schimmel said so. She knows everything. She is a biology teacher."

Self TO self, "Well, I guess I was just put in my place. Mrs. Schimmel knows everything? Well!" Hmf!

Rebecca doesn't have the swine flu. And school is still canceled for a week.

I wonder if she would clean her closet out if Mrs. Schimmel said she needed to? I think I need to make a phone call...........
(or go back to school and become a biology teacher!)


Gail W. said...

Hey Liz! The sad thing about your last comment is this: If your daughter's bedroom is anything like my teen's, it would take less effort to get a biology degree than it would take to clean her room yourself. And we all know THAT ain't an option! Good luck with the routine disruptions. Love ya!

Letters From Midlife said...

I have to agree with Gail on getting the room clean. It must be up there with rocket science because nothing seems to work when it comes to gettings kids to clean their rooms and keep it that way.

Hope your daughter feels better soon.

Heather said...

Oh funny!
Isn't it interesting that kids trust someone else's opinion over their own parents! :)

Paula (SweetPea) said...

You are a hoot, woman! This was funny. I can hear a young girl saying what she did in the last statement...Mrs. S said so, she said so, yes she did.

I'd seriously be making that call about cleaning the closet.

Anonymous said...


i just hope you know (:
its schemmel.

and shes a PRE AP biology teacher..

aannnnnndd - we are in the midst of cleaning my closet

-the daughter of a mom who can't spell her bio teacher's name