Saturday, May 23, 2009

Project 365 Week 2

Sunday p.m. I realize that I haven't taken a picture all day! Oops! Since it was cool outside (for mid May in Texas), I made soup for dinner - broccoli and cheese. The recipe was given to me by my best friend, years ago, and I still love it. (love her too...even thought we are not currently in touch) Just when I was finishing up dinner, a blue jay in my yard started squawking something fierce. I looked outside and saw something in my tree.
So...TWO pictures for Sunday, May 17th!

On Monday, 5/18, I went to dinner at my friend, Tricia's house. It was such a treat to have someone cook for me. Colin is her little boy and he is a fun little guy. While I was there, he was acting sort of silly, sitting on the counter top and fell into the sink! I wish I had taken a picture of that. We laughed really hard, after he was finished being embarrassed!

I did take a picture of their dog, Lexy. She is a favorite of mine and I threaten to bring her home with me every time I get to see her!

Tuesday, May 19, I had my hair colored back to brown, from red! It was just time.
I loved the red, but I didn't really like it for summer, so back to my natural color for now.

Wednesday, May 20 was the Jammin' Jags ceremony at my daughter's High School.
Jammin' Jags is an awards ceremony for students who made a difference, were voted "Student of the Year" or were simply outstanding!
Rebecca received a Jammin' Jags award from her English teacher.
We were very proud (and she doesn't want to be the topic of the photo this day...LOL!)

Thursday, May 21.
My company provides training called "Empowerment Training"
On Thursday, I attended Level 3 workshop
"Productivity through Action"
I love these workshops because yes, I always leave them feeling empowered!
Good job, Medical Edge Healthcare and Suzan Oran!

Hip, hip, hooray!
It is Friday, May 22! I had a busy week and cannot wait to sit out on my back porch with a glass of wine and put my feet up!
My friend, Tricia, stopped by (I didn't make her pose for another photo this time)

We ordered pizza and eventually moved out poolside to enjoy the humming birds that visit our feeders.
As the night went on, my son Aaron joined me, as did our family pet, Rusty. We talked about it was one of those wonderful nights to simply relax, do nothing, "take time to stop and smell the roses" so to speak.

Even Rusty.

This is Aaron and Rusty, still enjoying the evening. Fred was outside with us too. Rebecca was out with friends, so she is not pictured with us. :(
(she is in Saturday's post below)

This is Rebecca and her really good friend, Winky. (one of the friends that Rebecca was with last night while the rest of the family was having a relaxing evening at home!)
This is the 4th year in a row that Rebecca has participated in the
Texas Flute Society Flute Festival.
It is the Flute Festival's 35th year and it is held an University North Texas.
Really cool.
There are workshops for flute players of all ages and all levels of expertise. There are concerts ranging from elementary school aged players to professionals who have been recording for years.
There are clinics.
and performances.
and flute music in every sound imaginable.
What fun.
I think I will include some bonus photos just so you can get a little taste of what the festival is like.


Stacy said...

Love the photos---all except the snake :)

What kind of dog is Rusty? He's a cutie!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Thien said...

AAAAAAA, should have warned me about the SN***... I almost pee in my pants. Thankfully I only saw a tiny bit of that evil scary ugly thing. Oy. Yay on Rebecca. You must be very very very proud.

rita said...

Amazing photo of the snake! (speaking photographically!)
Congrats to Rebecca. She appears to be VERY talented!
Enjoyed your photo journal.

Dena said...

Great photos. I especially like the one of Lexy, since I have 3 at home who look just like her. :)

I love the pictures of everyone playing their flutes. I can just imagine the beautiful sounds.

Kim said...

A snake in the tree would totally freak me out! Looks like a really good week, especially relaxing outside with your friend and your son. Hope next week is just as good!

grey like snuffie said...

Loved all the photos...what kind of dogs are Lexy and Rusty? Going to have to pray against bad snake dreams...I'm thinking BIG warnings should come before that kind of picture. :)

Laura said...

You have been busy as usual, and girl! You wear me out!

The snake in the tree? Heebie-jeebies.

I. Don't. LIke. Snakes.

There's a reason the Lord made Satan a serpent!


Liz said...

And to think I almost did not use the snake photo! LOL!

Rusty is a very old Papillon. (he is approaching 14 years old)

Lexy is a young, fiesty Bishon Frise.