Sunday, May 3, 2009

Random Ramblings


I cannot decide what I feel like blogging about.

Can things get any worse than that? :) (totally joking, of course) I want to blog. I feel like putting my thoughts on paper...I mean screen, but ... (sigh)

there are too many of them. And they don't come together well at all this evening. The ideas are bouncing all over, like one of those rubber balls...what are they called "super balls" or something? I start, and erase. I type and delete.

It is Sunday night and the weekend was just not long enough! My mom was here, and our friend, Dee. The goal of the weekend was to visit the King Tut Exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art. Accomplished. My mom, Dee, myself, my son, Aaron, and daughter, Rebecca, all learned as much as we could about King Tutankhamen and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs. Amazing how interesting things from 3000 years ago can be. 3000 years! That is a very, very long time. However- I might have left with more questions than answers. Like, where is his body now? I saw CAT Scan pictures from 2005, so he is still around somewhere. And where did all that gold come from? How is it still so shiny after 3000 years? The Egyptian history...I might actually do some reading. Anyway, so it was a once in a lifetime experience for all of us and I am glad I went. I hope the others are too.
Then I did attend the Dave Matthews concert (see earlier post) - in the rain with two of my best friends. Rain. What an understatement. It was pouring. Last night, I was very grateful for my poncho. And bare feet. We just had to take our shoes off and stand in the mud, up to our ankles. We danced, in the rain, with water pouring off of our hoods in front of our faces. Our feet were caked and we had mud splashed all the way up to our knees. And we were happy. We sang. We twirled. And when we clapped, the water splashed all over our faces. And we laughed at how much fun we were having.
Today, mom, Dee and I went to Ikea. It is one of my favorite places to go. My daughter's room is in need of some serious organization. So, I looked for baskets, and shelves, and fun storage ideas. I also found candles, and meatballs and sparkling fruit juice. I wanted pillows, and rugs, but those will have to wait. Ikea is so cool. I want to go back...tomorrow. But I should wait.

So, my daughter is out of school for an entire week. The swine flu, or now called H1N1 (is that what the CDC renamed it?) has canceled school for an entire week. She is thrilled. And she is healthy. It is my husband who is in bed tonight with some sort of bug. Most likely allergies gone bad and turning into an ear infection...but we can't help but wonder... flu? I wonder if I should wear one of those masks to bed? LOL! It is not really funny, but I still have to laugh.

The weekend is over. When I publish this post, I will be going to bed. This is a busy week for me at work, it is month end close. It is a week that I have to make a conscious effort to remain balanced. Rest. Pray. Eat well. Exercise, but carefully. (I have cervical disk problems...but trigger point injections this week too) Spend time with my husband, my kids. Stay accountable and in touch with my good friends.

There is so much for me to be grateful for. Even though my mind is bouncy, I am still grounded. I know that God is in control and He directs my path. The fun and busy weekend...He was there. The busy, challenging week ahead...He is there. In this absolutely un-thought-out rambling...He is here.

Okay, now I can rest. That was exactly what my son, Adam, calls a brain dump!

Good night, friends!
God is here.


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A brain dump. That is great. Oh how I wish we had and Ieka and a Trader Joe's in KC...I keep hearing so much about both of them. Your concert sounds CRAZY but fun. Praying His peace for you this week.

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