Sunday, May 31, 2009

Project 365 Week 3

My week in pictures

Sunday, May 24
Me, Rebecca, and our good friends, Ashley and Jayme, had a great day shopping!

Monday, May 25
Memorial Day
The pool officially opens!

Ending the day with a wonderful cook-out!

Tuesday, May 26
FMHS Spring Band Concert
Rebecca and Winky

Wednesday, May 27
I went to see my Pain Management doctor today and found out that the current treatment is not working. The best thing about this day was that I can see my son's apartment from the parking lot of this doctor's office! Sort of funny, because it is 30 minutes away from where I live.

Thursday, May 28
I attended my weekly Al-Anon meeting
I LOVE this group, but we are all anonymous...(except me)
so no photos of my dear friends.
However, this is what the table looks like.

Friday, May 29
This is a photo of my lunch date. (he is my husband)
We are eating at one of our very favorite Bar-b-Que spots
Red, Hot, And Blue.
Those are the BEST ribs ever!

After that wonderful lunch date, I took my daughter to have an ingrown toenail fixed!
This is when she was happy.
No photos was a rough afternoon!

Saturday, May 30
Me and my fabulous friend, Tricia

The gang of us!
Meesha, Marla, Allyson, Tricia, myself, and Amanda
(from left to right)
We closed the place down!
I love my friends!


Anonymous said...

2 words :


Love ya, but I look like like a demon


Liz said...

Well, I just did took the red-eye out, and you look the same sweetie! You do not look like a demon!

sara said...

we opened our pool too this last week, but the water is freezing!!! We need several hot days for a while!

I love ribs!!! those look good!

I have had an ingrown toenail...NOT fun! hope she is better now!

great week in pictures!

Lisa said...

I like all the friends shots. Being with girlfriends is such good time!

Your pool looks beautiful...I bet you've hosted many a party out there!

Dena said...

Your pool looks so inviting and relaxing. I'm sure it's very much enjoyed.

mmmm - LOVE bbq ribs!!

Great pictures!

Thien said...

I want Mr. Fred's food. Everyone look so happy. And no sn*k*. Yayyyyyyyyyy

Becky said...

Great pics, looks like a fun week... except for the toe thing, OUCH!