Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Gratitude List

There are a couple of blogs that I follow that regularly post about gratitude. My favorite one is a blog written by a man who is in AA. One of the big tools of the 12-step program is to keep an
attitude of gratitude...that is the name of his blog. Every day, this man posts the things that he is grateful for on that day. I love reading it and always feel grateful myself when I read his blog.

On those times that life is especially crummy, my sponsor (in Alanon) has given me the assignment to write down 5 things that I am grateful for. Sometimes she will tag on that I should also write down 5 things that I can not change. It always helps my attitude when I follow her advise.

Last night, I was at my Home Group meeting - part of my church - a Bible Study, Community Group of women. At the end of our meetings, we always share something good God has done in our lives or how He has answered a prayer. I realized, as I prepared to speak, that I have much to be grateful for. I couldn't shut up!

Today, I am grateful...
  • My son's new attitude about life and God
  • The fact that I am part of a church that I am PROUD to be part of. I am excited about my upcoming membership commitment.
  • My mom can walk...without a cane, without a crutch, without a walker, and she is not in a wheelchair! This has been nearly four years coming! Great report from the surgeon, her bone is rock solid per her scans!
  • I have a few friends that I can totally be myself with. I am one of many and feel totally at home there.
  • God has changed me and continues to change me...and it is a good thing! I really am not who I was!

Here are just a few of the things that I cannot change...

  • The people who choose to not like me, trust me, or talk to me.
  • The past.
  • My husband.
  • My kids.
  • My boss.

This is all okay. Life really is good and I know that God is in charge. Even though life is not perfect, I am exactly where He wants me to be right now.