Saturday, May 16, 2009

Project 365 Week 1

I was doing a little blog browsing the other day and ran across this idea...
Project 365

I found it on Sara's blog and liked it so much that I thought I would join in.
So, beginning on Sunday, May 10, I will make my best attempt to take a picture a day.
One photo per day for a year.
It will be fun to see what my life looks like in pictures.
Here is my very first week.

Sunday evening, May 10
Mother's Day
Jasmine growing on the gazebo in my backyard.
The fragrance in unbelievable.

Monday evening, May 11
My husband actually sitting down and watching television.
This has not been something that he has done for a very long time but doing so now since he just finished his Master's degree.

Tuesday mid-day, May 12
I was out on site visits in Ft. Worth. This church building's parking lot was right next to one of the clinics that I visited. I found it to be a beautiful building. I noticed that a conference that my church is promoting was being held there this coming weekend. (I just didn't know where the church was when I read the promotion...and then I ran into it on this day.)

Wednesday afternoon, May 13
My department hosted a baby shower for a co-worker.
We are all very excited. This baby is a surprise baby, but the family couldn't be happier.
She did have to start all the way over though; her youngest is 11 years old and all three of her children are girls. This one is a boy!

Thursday afternoon, May 14
My daughter and one of her best friends, Winky.
They are getting ready to leave for the band trip. It is Rebecca's first out of town and over night field trip. She is so excited.
#2 All the suitcases for the trip.

Friday evening, May 15
This is me and a couple of my really good friends, Jo Anne and Charrie.
We are in the same Home Group and we attended the Women's Retreat this weekend!
It was a great weekend!

Saturday late morning, May 16
My material as I spent the morning learning more about God.
That was the title of the retreat...
I am so glad that I went. We had a wonderful time and I am hungry for more of Him.


grey like snuffie said...

Well this was fun!

Mary Ann Duncan said...

Oh! Extremely cool! I'm joining in. What a great way to learn to use my camera better. I forgot to take it to Mayfest on Friday when Lynn, Kristin and I went. Bummer.

sara said...

I am so glad you found my blog and are doing project 365. I have LOVED this and have already been able to look back on the pictures and see things I would have forgotten!!

So please join us and link in on Sundays!!

The retreat sounded wonderful. who was the speaker?

Becky said...

Welcome. Sara is a great hostess. I like your pics. Yay for your friends having a boy surprise :-)