Sunday, May 31, 2009

Random Acts Of Poetry

My intent was to post this on Friday, but I never made the time. Life has been full of fun; fun that required running around and not sitting here at my computer. Sadly, I am tardy with my first Random Acts of Poetry, but I will post it anyway.

The challenge, from L.L. Barkat at Seedlings in Stone was to collect words. I read the assignment on Thursday, while at work, and was only able to collect two words. (none of which I used in the poem that I wrote) When I went to create my poem on paper, I was distracted by the pain that I am experiencing because of a bulged disc in my neck and carpal tunnel syndrome. I am not complaining, but my condition has been quite distracting as of late. So, I decided to use it and this is what I came up with.

One day I was finished
I had all I could take
The pain in my neck
I could no longer shake

I picked up the phone
and selected a time
to meet with my doctor
so able and kind

Heeding my words ordered
conversations and tests
treating my ail with
pharmaceuticals and rest

Next week a new measure
includes needles and drugs
Epidurals and steroids
I"ll need lots of hugs

Prayers for my healing
Prayers for my fear
So that's been my life
Restoration is near!


Laura said...

Praying for healing...

Ouch! This makes me hurt!

I'm sorry for the pain, but love the inspiration.

Hope all is well soon.

Stacy said...

Distraction sounds like an understatement. Will be praying for you complete healing and restoration. Enjoyed the poem---just wish it wasn't on based on your pain :). Take care!

Mary Ann Duncan said...

Love it.

Marcus Goodyear said...

Better late than never. Since I cue up articles in advance, my RAP entry for that prompt won't go up until next week.

I'm always behind.

Paula (SweetPea) said...

I've never been gifted with writing poetry. I wrote a poem to my beloved one valentine day when together. He loved the gesture but it wasn't that good.

May God shower His healing upon you.

L.L. Barkat said...

I think we find the poems we need to find, where we need to find them.

Glad I am here to share in the discovery of yours...

(Hey, have you heard of Topricin? An over-the-counter that is supposed to be good for carpal tunnel.)

sojourner said...

Hi! I just popped in from RAP offerings. I pray healing for you and am sorry that your words are tied to that experience. Your poem had a contrasting happy beat to it that made me smile in the midst of the sad thought that you are within the grip of an illness

Anonymous said...

you made lemonade out of lemons!

Anonymous said...
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