Thursday, October 30, 2008

Count Our Blessings

I have a dear friend who I love to spend time with. She is a single mom and I am blessed enough to be able to spend time together with her and often times her little guy who has just turned 6 years old. (she also has a 14 year old daughter who I like, but does not thrill me as much since I have one of those myself.)

Tonight, I had the pleasure of sharing a meal with my friend and her son. Through out the meal he said, "We need to count our blessings." If he said it once, he said it a hundred times (not really, but a lot) and finally, in frustration, he said, "WE NEED TO COUNT OUR BLESSINGS!"

So, I went for it. I began listing off the many blessings in my husband, children, family, job, house, health, you know ... all the "normal" blessings. He was not satisfied and I kept going. I listed off the more creative blessings, and he began to help me by adding things that he knew I was blessed by, and things that he was blessed by.

What was really a blessing, was spending time with he and his mother. It is a blessing to have them in my life, to be able to enjoy the fun, innocence of a six year old and give his mom even a few minutes break during dinner by having someone else give him attention.

What a blessing.

Good night all.
I hope you are counting your blessings.


Paula (SweetPea) said...

This is so sweet. Don't you just love the hearts of young children. For someone so young to know we need to count our blessings yet as adults sometimes we take many of those precious blessings for granted.

Thanks for blessing me. I would've loved to hear him help you with your list by adding things HE blessed by. How sweet.

Carol said...

That is so cool. Don't you love the openess of a 6 year olds heart. I know that I often forget to count my blessings.

And as a former single mommy, it's such a blessing to have a friend come over and just be able to hear another adult voice in the room.

You rock.


Tricia Gurley said...

Wow Liz, at the time I didnt even think about how Colin made an impact on you that night, reading your blog really made me think about how I sometimes dont pay close enough attention to the things Colin says... and how true it is that we need to count our blessings, instead of focusing on the negatives (which is so easy to do). Thank you for the sweet things you said in your blog, it really made my day! It is a true blessing that god had brought you into my life!!!