Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Girls

A couple of weeks ago, my daughter, Rebecca, and I traveled to Tulsa to have a very special photograph taken.
We had finally talked my sister into taking a "family" photo of my mother, my daughter and me, and my sister, Lynn, and her daughter, Kristin.

One of the reasons that I am thankful to be back in the middle of the United States, is this beautiful littlest girl in the photo - my niece Kristin. She was born three weeks before we moved here and I was determined to spend time with her. That would have proven to be difficult had we stayed in the state of Virginia, because she and the rest of my family all live in Tulsa, OK.

Taking this picture represents many things.
Three generations of women.

We had a great girls day out on this day. We got all cute for the picture, did some shopping, making good on a bribe made to Kristin that required a trip to the candy shop.
We got all dressed up afterward and went to a "fancy" restaurant.

What fun.
And a picture to prove it.